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NPOTA Activations this morning!


If you’re around the radio this morning (Sunday, Sep 25), and you’d like to make some NPOTA contacts, note that I plan activate:

Look for me around 14,286 kHz and 7286 kHz +/- 6 kHz.

Once again, I’ll operate the lightweight Elecraft KX2/EFT Trail-Friendly combo–and that’s a good thing. To activate these sites, I’ll log at least 1 hour 15 minutes of hiking (the AT portion over steep terrain). Having a small radio package makes the experience much more enjoyable!

I hope to hear you on the air or, perhaps, you’ll hear me. I expect there will be a lot of NPOTA activators in the field today.  Should be a lot of fun!

The Ham Radio Parity Act passes U.S. House of Representatives


Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, A. Black, who shares the following article from Slashdot:

This week the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed “The Ham Radio Parity Act” — a huge victory for grass-roots advocates of amateur radio. Slashdot readerbobbied reports:

This will allow for the reasonable accommodation of amateur radio antennas in many places where they are currently prohibited by homeowner associations or private land use restrictions… If this bill passes the Senate, we will be one step closer to allowing amateur radio operators, who provide emergency communications services, the right to erect reasonable antenna structures in places where they cannot do so now.

The national ham radio association is now urging supporters to contact their Senators through a special web page. “This is not just a feel-good bill,” said representative Joe Courtney, remembering how Hurricane Sandy brought down the power grid, and “we saw all the advanced communications we take for granted…completely fall by the wayside.”

Earlier this week, I used the ARRL application mentioned to contact my senators regarding this bill–it took perhaps two minutes to complete. I had also previously contacted our representative regarding the bill.

Thanks for reminding me to post this news!

Dave builds an N6KR/Wilderness Radio SST from scratch


Regular SWLing Post readers might recall the gorgeous Sproutie MKII regenerative receiver my buddy Dave Richards (AA7EE) built last year. No doubt, Dave does a proper job with his homebrew radios–a talented builder and engineer indeed!

Check out Dave’s latest homebrew project: A Scratch-Build of N6KR and Wilderness Radio’s SST for 20M.

Dave’s notes and images are so thorough, you could use his article as a reference to build your own! Fantastic job, Dave!

Click here to read Dave’s full post and be inspired!

NPOTA: Activating the Carl Sandburg Home (NS07) today

Elecraft Kx2 ON Clipboard

This afternoon (September 8), I should have a chance to activate the Carl Sandburg Home again for the ARRL National Parks on the Air program. You might recall, I activated the site Sunday as well.

I’ll plan to use the Elecraft KX2 and EFT TRail-Friendly antenna combo once again.

I should be on the air starting sometime between 20:00-20:30 UTC (4:00 – 4:30 PM EDT). I’ll plan to operate SSB on two frequencies: 14286 and 7286 kHz. I should be on the air for one hour or so, if all goes well. Listen for my amateur radio call sign: K4SWL.

It would be fantastic to log some SWLing Post readers. If you do manage to hear my 10 watt signal, or work my station, please comment!

Amateur Radio Special Event Station on Radio Caroline


(Source: Southgate ARC)

Many readers will remember with fond memories from the 1960s, 70s and 80s, the famous offshore radio station Radio Caroline and the last ship they used to broadcast from, the MV Ross Revenge.

From today, a group of amateurs from the Martello Tower Group are operating special event station GB5RC from the Ross Revenge, moored in the Blackwater Estuary near West Mersea and Bradwell-on-Sea in Essex to celebrate five decades of offshore radio broadcasting.

Over the last few weeks, the group have set up quarter wave verticals for 40m, 20m and 15m along with a 5/8 wave for 10m and dipoles for 80m and 40m at various locations on the ship in preparation for the special event station.  They also hope to be able to operate VHF and UHF for local contacts and with some D-STAR and DMR thrown in for good measure.

GB5RC will be on the air from today, the 5th August until Monday 8th August with two stations operating simultaneously running full UK legal output power.  Let’s hope HF conditions are decent.

The Ross Revenge has been the home of Radio Caroline since August 1983 and although broadcasts directly from the ship ended in 1991, the station continues via the internet and once a month, live programmes are broadcast from the Ross Revenge with the help of the Manx AM transmitters on 1368kHz.

For more information see either https://www.qrz.com/db/GB5RC
or the Martello Tower Group website

Direct QSLs to G6NHU, bureau via GB5RC