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Eight new recordings in the Media Network Vintage Vault

Jonthan Marks has just informed me that he’s added new studio recordings  to the Media Network Vintage Vault. They include: 7.10.1992. AM Stereo; what went wrong? 28.01.1999 Radio’s Future 31.12.1999 Radio New Zealand Profile 25.02.1999 Budel Radio Museum 22.04.1999. Radio … Continue reading

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Jonathan Marks remembers the opening of the BBC Seychelles relay site

In response to the announcement of the closure of the BBC Seychelles relay, Jonathan Marks writes: “You might like to revisit this old Media Network when we spoke about the opening of the Seychelles site. http://jonathanmarks.libsyn.com/mn-29-09-1988-blackpool-offshore-radio-“ Jonathan, I’m glad you … Continue reading

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Trevor Baylis in the Vintage Vault

Earlier this week, I posted an article about wind-up (clockwork) radio inventor, Trevor Baylis. I recently discovered a 1995 episode of RNW’s Media Network, which featured Baylis–and the clockwork radio–in the context of inventions that would carry us beyond the new millenium: … Continue reading

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