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Reminder: Emergency radio and a chance to win a prepper radio package

Let’s imagine that your area suddenly loses power–as well as cell phone and internet service–for an indeterminate period. Home and personal electronics remain unaffected, but must be powered off-grid (without mains power).  Moreover, you may be required to evacuate your home…perhaps even on foot. … Continue reading

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Planning for a Carrington Event super solar storm

My buddy, Bill Forstchen, is author of NY Times best seller, One Second After (and many other books). One day, we met for lunch and I admitted to him that I’m less worried about an EMP attack (the catalyst for … Continue reading

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Virtual Radio Challenge IV: Emergency radio and a chance to win a prepper radio package

The SWLing Post attracts readers and enthusiasts from all walks of life. In the past, we’ve put together Reader Challenges based on actual questions we receive from readers, usually looking for the best radio kit for a unique situation or location. … Continue reading

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Urban go-kit

My good pal David Korchin (K2WNW) posted the above photo in his Facebook feed yesterday, simply titled, “Today’s carry.” David is very much a kindred spirit; like me, he is constantly tweaking his go-gear. He works in New York City and likes to have … Continue reading

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Include in the CIA’s Survival Kit: the Sony ICF-SW100

I recently discovered an article on the excellent blog, LifeHacker, which describes the contents of the CIA’s Escape and Evasion Survival Kit. The kit’s contents currently include: Leatherman Squirt PS4 Slim Line Lock Pick 13 Tension Wrench Short Twist Flex Omni-Glow … Continue reading

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CommRadio CR-1 and WRTH: Power outage essentials

Like much of North America, we’re currently experiencing record low temperatures and strong winds here at our mountain home. This morning, I woke to no power and no Internet. My iPhone still works though, hence the ability to publish this … Continue reading

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Jeff designs an SDR “Go Kit” around the Softrock Ensemble

Jeffrey Fritz (WB1AAL) contacted me with details about his SDR (Software Defined Radio) “Go Kit” and has kindly allowed me to post it. Jeff writes: As a reader of the SWLing blog, I know that you are very interested in … Continue reading

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