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WSJ: “FCC Agents Trace Radio Interference”

I’m happy to see RFI being mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Ulis, for the tip: (Source: Wall Street Journal) A federal agent who shows up unannounced at a building along a Texas highway … Continue reading

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Document radio interference via the Ofcom Spectrum Management Survey

Nige (G7CNF) recently contacted me regarding a survey he has created to help document and fight radio interference from power line technology and other sources. If you live in the UK and can create an Ofcom case reference number, please … Continue reading

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Ajit Pai is trying to save AM radio “before it’s lost in the static”

Many thanks to Andrea Borgnino for pointing out this article in today’s New York Times regarding one man’s quest to save AM radio from impending noise (QRM): The digital age is killing AM radio, an American institution that brought the nation fireside … Continue reading

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The truth about portable amplified shortwave antennas

In the past week, I have had no less than 3 email inquiries from readers regarding which amplified antenna to purchase for their portable shortwave radio.  My short answer? None. In my opinion, there’s one fatal flaw with amplified antennas: … Continue reading

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UKQRM And The Fight Against Noise

Whether you’re new to shortwave radio listening or have been an amateur radio operator for years, more than likely you’ve occasionally encountered electrical interference, that annoying hum or buzz that permeates your listening experience. This noise can often be difficult … Continue reading

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