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Wavescan contest: “rare, unusual, unique QSLs”

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Tom Ally, who shares a link to Wavescan‘s 2014 Annual DX Contest where you are invited to share your rare, unique and unusual verifications. (Source: AWR Wavescan) Shortwave listeners, international radio monitors and DXers around the … Continue reading

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Ken’s favorite QSL card

Regarding memorable QSL cards, SWLing Post reader, Ken Carr comments: “I received my favorite QSL card many years ago as a result of a random contact. I was just starting out in ham radio when I logged a QSO [contact] … Continue reading

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QSL cards: STF Radio International sets a benchmark

[STF Radio QSL card front (above) back (below). Original scans by Steve Yothment] SWLing Post reader, Steve Yothment (WD0HGB), writes: “I received an “audio QSL” card from STF Radio International a few days ago. Have you heard about it? [The … Continue reading

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Radio Paisano QSL

Last week, I listened to and recorded the pirate radio station, Radio Paisano. Three days ago, I received this message along with a QSL card: Radio Paisano is a novelty shortwave pirate station that celebrates Columbus Day, and features the music … Continue reading

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Steven remembers his QSL collection

Steven Roberts recently sent me a message with photos of a QSL card collection he once had. You see, several years ago he started the process of living on his boat, The Nomadness, full-time. It required that he pare down his … Continue reading

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Daniel shares recent QSLs

Daniel (W3DI) writes: I have been enjoying some shortwave broadcasts recently and received some nice QSL cards. Wanted to share the cards and some station information. Daniel addeded: Shortwave listening was my first step to becoming an amateur [radio operator]. First … Continue reading

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Show your favorite QSL cards in our new gallery

SWLing Post reader, Mike Taniwha, recently shared some of his QSL cards with us. With his permission, I’m posting them for other readers to view. In fact, Mike has inspired me to start a new QSL Gallery category. Please feel free … Continue reading

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