WRMI’s B16 schedule

WRMIMany thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom Ally, who shares the following note from WRMI:

WRMI has a new schedule as of today, February 17th. We have some new frequencies — a total of 21 now. You can find the complete broadcast


WRMI test transmission of Armed Forces Radio of Nigeria

Radio Miami International

(Source: WRMI on Facebook)

Radio Miami has arranged for a one-week test transmission of the Armed Forces Radio of Nigeria from the Issoudun, France relay site beginning Tuesday, June 30.

The transmission, which will be directed to West Africa, will be from 0600-0700 UTC on two frequencies:

  • 11,825 kHz will carry a Hausa-language program, and
  • 13,775 kHz will carry an English-language program.

Christmas specials on WRMI

Radio Miami International

Radio Miami International

(Source: WRMI)

Many of our regular programs on WRMI will have special Christmas features in the coming days, including Radio Prague, Radio Slovakia International, Viva Miami, Wavescan and of course most of our Christian religious programs.

We want to make special mention of a Christmas Cantata that we are presenting from the Killian Pines United Methodist Church in Miami on Wednesday, Christmas Eve (Dec 24) at 8:00 am and again at 8:00 pm Eastern Time (1300 UTC Wednesday and 0000 UTC Thursday) on 9955 kHz and simulcast on www.wrmi.net.

Wavescan from Dec 21 to 27 will have a special feature on Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean.

WRMI to cover 2015 sporting events

WRMI(Source: WRMI press release)

OKEECHOBEE, FLORIDA, USA – America’s most powerful radio signal will carry previews and highlights of some of the world’s top sporting events throughout 2015. WRMI (Radio Miami International) will provide exclusive shortwave coverage from the USA for more than two dozen leading events in sports, including hockey’s Stanley Cup finals, baseball’s World Series, football’s Super Bowl and international tournaments involving soccer, cricket and rugby.

WRMI sports director Bruce Baskin provided daily reports on last weekend’s Army-Navy football game (won by Navy, 17-7) and is presently providing updates on soccer’s Club World Cup, which features seven of the globe’s top sides converging in Morocco. “This will be different from our WRMI Scoreboard,” says Baskin. “Rather than giving scores and short stories from several sports per day, we’re going to focus on specific events for days at a time. In essence, we’re going from a ‘miles-wide, inches-deep’ approach to the opposite.”

After purchasing and moving to the former Family Radio broadcasting site in central Florida one year ago, WRMI now possesses twelve 100,000-watt transmitters (with a 50,000-watt backup) along with 23 antenna systems on a 660-acre complex, making it America’s farthest-reaching radio station. WRMI first signed on in 1994 and has been managed throughout its duration by Jeff White, a past president of the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters.

175 Fontainebleau Blvd, Suite 1N4, Miami, Florida 33172 USA
Tel +1-305-559-WRMI Fax +1-863-467-0185 E-mail info@wrmi.net Website www.wrmi.net

WRMI 2015 Sports Coverage Calendar

12 NCAA Football Playoff Championship
18 NFL AFC/NFC Championships

2 NFL Super Bowl
22 NASCAR Daytona 500

12 F1 Miami E-Prix
23-29 ICC Cricket World Cup

4-6 NCAA Final Four
9-12 PGA The Masters

MAY (3)
2 TRA Kentucky Derby
16 TRA Preakness Stakes
24 IRL Indianapolis 500

JUNE (3)
6 TRA Belmont Stakes
8-18 NHL Stanley Cup Finals
18-21 PGA U.S. Open

JULY (2)
10-13 ITF Wimbledon Finals
16-19 PGA British Open

13-16 PGA PGA Championship
22-24 LLB Little League World Series

13-14 ITF U.S. Open Finals
18-31 IRB Rugby World Cup

3 NCAA Air Force-Navy football
21-31 MLB World Series

7 NCAA Army-Air Force football
26-30 ITF Davis Cup finals

12 NCAA Army-Navy football
20 FIFA Club World Cup Final

175 Fontainebleau Blvd, Suite 1N4, Miami, Florida 33172 USA
Tel +1-305-559-WRMI Fax +1-305-559-8186 E-mail info@wrmi.net Website

Radio World: International Broadcasters Reconsider Shortwave


Check out this article from Radio World which addresses the state of shortwave radio broadcasting.

Jeff White of WRMI and Kim Elliott of the VOA are both interviewed. Elliott even speaks about the virtues of the VOA Radiogram experiments which have had success circumventing shortwave radio jamming (broadcasts which were completely omitted from the BBG Special Committee report on the efficacy of shortwave radio).

Click here to read the full article at Radio World.

Wavescan focuses on Africa in 2013

AWRlogoFor those of you looking for an informative show on international broadcasting, shortwave radio and DXing, checkout Wavescan by AWR.

This year, I understand a lot of focus will be placed on radio and broadcasting to/in Africa. Wavescan’s full schedule follows Jeff White’s announcement below:

(Source: Jeff White, WRMI)

WAVESCAN this weekend:

The January 13 edition of Wavescan, which begins to air this weekend and throughout next week on WRMI, contains part 2 of the “100 Years of Wireless and Radio in Bulgaria” series, the Philippines DX Report with Henry Umadhay, and “Focus on Africa: Liberia.” Included is an interview with Allen Graham of HCJB in Ecuador, who is currently working in Liberia doing radio training and helping with a local university FM radio station. Allen talks about the importance of shortwave radio in West Africa.

Wavescan Scheduling: B12 Transmission Period

Radio Miami International

Radio Miami International


0500 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz – Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA

1200 UTC via AWR 17535 kHz – Media Broadcast Wertachtal Germany

1500 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz – Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA

1530 UTC via AWR 15255 kHz – Sri Lanka Broad Corp Trincomalee Sri Lanka

1600 UTC via KSDA 11825 kHz – Adventist World Radio Agat Guam

1600 UTC via KSDA 15360 kHz – Adventist World Radio Agat Guam

1630 UTC via KSDA 11740 kHZ – Adventist World Radio Agat Guam

2230 UTC via KSDA 15320 kHZ – Adventist World Radio Agat Guam


1200 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz – Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA


0430 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz – Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA


0100 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz – Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA

1200 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz – Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA

2000 UTC via WINB 13570 kHz – World International Red Lion Pennsylvania USA


400 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz – Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA

1430 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz -Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA


0415 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz -Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA


0800 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz -Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA

1200 UTC via WRMI 9955  kHz -Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA

1730 UTC via WWCR2 12160 kHz -Worldwide Christian Nashville Tennessee USA

2100 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz -Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA

2330 UTC via WRMI 9955 kHz -Radio Miami Int Miami Florida USA


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Telephone Feed WINB at 1 415 655 0846

Radio Slovakia International to continue shortwave broadcasts to Caribbean and Latin America

(Source: Southgate Amateur Radio Club)

A last-minute agreement between Radio Slovakia International and Radio Miami International (WRMI) will permit the international radio station of Slovakia to continue its shortwave transmissions in English and Spanish to the Caribbean and Latin America.

Radio Slovakia International had announced that its shortwave broadcasts would end on 31 December 2010. However, WRMI will be broadcasting RSI’s programme in English at 0130-0200 UTC Tuesday-Saturday and RSI’s Spanish programme at 0330-0400 UTC seven days per week. Both of these transmissions will be on 9955 kHz with 50 kW of power from Miami using a beam of 160 degrees directed to the Caribbean and Latin America.

“We are glad to be able to help Radio Slovakia International continue its shortwave transmissions to this part of the world,” said WRMI General Manager Jeff White. He added that listener reports will be appreciated and will be verified with a special WRMI QSL card commemorating the Radio Slovakia International relay.

Reports may be sent to Radio Miami International, P.O. Box 526852, Miami, Florida 33152 USA, or by e-mail to info@wrmi.net.