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Weak signals: Which radio do you prefer?

I’m in the process of reviewing a number of shortwave portables and pitting them against each other. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to decide which radio is better–especially if you have more than two radios to compare at a time. … Continue reading

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Mike’s review of the Commando R-777 self-powered shortwave radio

Mike Kitchen, a volunteer at Ears To Our World, purchases and tests radios for us. Mike does an excellent job evaluating radios and simply keeping tabs on newly introduced self-powered products. Mike has kindly allowed me to share the assesment … Continue reading

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Review of the Elecraft KX3: world-class transceiver, superb shortwave receiver

I originally wrote this review for Monitoring Times Magazine, May 2013 issue (pages 56-57). The review that follows has been expanded and includes updates. You may have noticed that in the past few years, while more and more software defined … Continue reading

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A review of the Tecsun R-2010D shortwave radio

SiLabs DSP chips are now in the bulk of the newest portable shortwave radios on the market. And it’s no wonder: these small chips offer more features and improved performance, when properly implemented. Manufacturers love them, of course, because these … Continue reading

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No-Spoiler Review: “The Numbers Station” with John Cusack and Malin Akerman (no spoilers)

The following is a no-spoiler review, as I assume many of you may be waiting for the film to hit the big screen, and I wouldn’t want to reveal any cinematic surprises. We first mentioned The Numbers Station back in … Continue reading

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A review of the Degen DE1129 portable shortwave radio

The Degen DE1129 is the latest compact, full-featured, DSP-based, AM/FM shortwave radio from Chinese manufacturer, Degen.  It’s available from TecsunRadio.com at $100 US, shipped. I received my sample radio last week, and published my initial impressionsof the unit. Since then, I’ve had … Continue reading

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Throw away AC adapters, invest in rechargeables

I receive a lot of emails from readers and listeners who are new to shortwave radio. The bulk of the emails I receive ask for advice about which radio to pick for travel, for home, or for work. A lot … Continue reading

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