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RNW radio equipment for sale

(Source: Andy Sennitt via Facebook) From the Dutch website (my translation): The disappearance of a number of tasks of Radio Netherlands Worldwide means some of the technical equipment is now available for sale. This includes a fully equipped Network Operations … Continue reading

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“The era of short-wave radio is behind us” and other inaccuracies from the new RNW

RNW announced “A new Radio Netherlands Worldwide” just yesterday on their website; here is their announcement in its entirety (my comments follow). <><><><><><> “This coming year is an important one for RNW. A year in which, at the age of … Continue reading

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Severance pay of Radio Netherlands CEO under scrutiny

(Source: de Volkskrant, translated by Andy Sennitt) The severance payment for the outgoing CEO of Radio Netherlands Worldwide is excessive. This is what Sander Dekker, deputy minister responsible for the media, wrote on Thursday in a letter to the Lower … Continue reading

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International Broadcasters support freedom of information

The international broadcasting arms of France, Australia, the US, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands issued a joint statement in support of press freedoms across the globe. With the exception of the Netherlands (RNW), all of these countries … Continue reading

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Video: Building RNW Bonaire

(Source: Jonathan Marks) This black and white film was made in 1968 at the moment when Philips shipped two 300 kW transmitters from the factory in the Netherlands to the island of Bonaire, then part of the Netherlands Antilles. The … Continue reading

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Tribute to Radio Netherlands Worldwide on the NRC’s DX Audio Service

The National Radio Club requested that I read and record my tribute to Radio Netherlands Worldwide for their audio service intended to benefit their visually-impaired readers. The broadcast is divided into sides A and B (of a cassette tape). My narration begins … Continue reading

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Radio Netherlands says farewell in style

Thursday night, by the light of an oil lamp, I tuned my trusty Sony portable shortwave to 6,165 kHz. At 2:00 UTC, I was rewarded with a rich, full signal from Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s transmission site in Bonaire. Here in … Continue reading

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