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David Goren’s numbers station installation audio

Two months ago, I posted that David Goren, talented radio producer and shortwave radio artist, created a Numbers Station installation in the Secret Wars exhibition at the Proteus Gowanus gallery in Brooklyn, NY. David has recently published the audio that accompanies … Continue reading

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Shortwave and the Art of Music: An interview with musician James Davies

After posting the article about Elliott Sharp last Sunday, I received an email which drew my attention to a shortwave radio-inspired series of musical works entitled Music for DXing, by Spunkle, now an album on the label First Fold Records.  Musician … Continue reading

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For Elliott Sharp, musical experimentation was inspired by shortwave radio

In the past, we’ve noted several artists and musicians who were inspired by the audible characteristics and sonic texture of shortwave radio (check out the Besnard Lakes and Radius, for example). Guitarist, Elliot Sharp, was inspired not only by the … Continue reading

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Besnard Lakes: A Canadian band inspired by shortwave radio

(Source: Madison.com) “Deciphered your lines from the shortwave,” Jace Lasek sings on “Like the Ocean, Like the Innocent,” the opening track off the Canadian crew’s latest album, “The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night” (Jagjaguwar). […]Even as a child, Lasek … Continue reading

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Radius – Shortwave inspired audio art

I have a particular fondness for artists who use shortwave radio to inspire their work, so you can imagine how pleased I was to stumble upon Radius–an experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago, IL, USA. In their own words: Radius … Continue reading

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