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Chris suggests installing a shortwave receiver in your car

On the topic of shortwave radios in automobiles, SWLing Post reader, Chris, writes: “Seven years ago, I purchased a Sony Car Stereo with a Shortwave receiver from the Shortwave Store in Canada. It works remarkably well especially on those summer … Continue reading

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Smart cars also feature shortwave

Regarding shortwave in automobiles, Andrea Borgnino points out that the Smart car (manufactured by Mercedes Benz) also has a shortwave radio option. Check out the following video Andrea shares:

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Buying a BMW in South Africa? Shortwave radio is an option!

SWLing Post reader, Bob, has a relative who works for BMW in the United States. Recently, Bob learned that some models of BMWs shipped to South Africa have a shortwave radio option.  He followed up with this photo of the radio display … Continue reading

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Vlado’s thrift store find: A Sony ICF-2010

While visiting my friend, Vlado, this weekend, he showed me his thrift store find: a Sony ICF-2010 in very good condition`. The ‘2010 is a well-known portable amongst serious DXers, and is highly sought-after. Since this radio has not been … Continue reading

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The new Degen DE1129 shortwave radio with MP3 recording and playback

TecsunRadio.com has posted the new Degen DE1129 shortwave radio on their website. Though they have not yet posted pricing, it appears pre-orders are being taken. The DE1129 looks like a decedent of the Degen DE1128 that has not exactly been a market … Continue reading

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A Review of the Bonito 1102S RadioJet 24 bit IF Receiver

At the Dayton Hamvention this year, I met Dennis Walter, who is with Bonito, German manufacturer of the 1102S RadioJet. Dennis was kind enough to loan us a radio for review on SWLing.com. I have been evaluating the Bonito 1102S … Continue reading

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C.Crane at the Dayton Hamvention

As I walk around the Dayton Hamvention, I’m finding a lot of familiar faces from the shortwave radio community. In the North Hall, I came across non other than Bob Crane with C.Crane Radio. We had a nice chat about … Continue reading

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