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The best shortwave radio for cross-continent cycling?

SWLing Post reader, Pat, is an avid cyclist and is seeking a radio for his next cross-continent adventure. There are a limited number of products on the market that meet Pat’s requirements, so I thought posting his inquiry might bring a … Continue reading

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Degen refreshes shortwave product line

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Paul, who commented with a link to the new Degen DE221 “ultralight” radio: http://ebay.to/1fKWZ2m Paul’s link lead to the discovery of several new Degen models, in fact. Many of the new models have the … Continue reading

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A source of Sangean shortwave radios in New Zealand

In response to a post last year where we asked about sources of shortwave radios in New Zealand, SWLing Post reader, James Patterson, writes: I have now found a very good importer of very good quality shortwave portable radios here … Continue reading

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Chris suggests installing a shortwave receiver in your car

On the topic of shortwave radios in automobiles, SWLing Post reader, Chris, writes: “Seven years ago, I purchased a Sony Car Stereo with a Shortwave receiver from the Shortwave Store in Canada. It works remarkably well especially on those summer … Continue reading

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Smart cars also feature shortwave

Regarding shortwave in automobiles, Andrea Borgnino points out that the Smart car (manufactured by Mercedes Benz) also has a shortwave radio option. Check out the following video Andrea shares:

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Buying a BMW in South Africa? Shortwave radio is an option!

SWLing Post reader, Bob, has a relative who works for BMW in the United States. Recently, Bob learned that some models of BMWs shipped to South Africa have a shortwave radio option.  He followed up with this photo of the radio display … Continue reading

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Vlado’s thrift store find: A Sony ICF-2010

While visiting my friend, Vlado, this weekend, he showed me his thrift store find: a Sony ICF-2010 in very good condition`. The ‘2010 is a well-known portable amongst serious DXers, and is highly sought-after. Since this radio has not been … Continue reading

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