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The bands are open! Make time to listen.

Though I’ve spent the entire day sawing and splitting firewood, I’ve been actively recording spectrum on the 31, 25, 19 and 16 meter bands with the WinRadio Excalibur, Elad FDM-S2 and the SDRplay RSP. Why? Propagation–especially on the higher bands–has … Continue reading

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SWLing Post, Number 2,000

This morning, I noticed that we’ve crossed a small milestone here at the SWLing Post: as of this post, there are now 2,000 published posts in our archives. It’s a bit incredible that it’s already been almost seven years since I started this blog. … Continue reading

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Buying a shortwave radio in India?

SWLing Post reader, Muthu Kumar recently asked if I knew of a good source of shortwave radios–specifically, the Tecsun brand–in India. I’m asked this very question at least a few times each year and have always replied that eBay may be … Continue reading

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Radio Spaceshuttle International final broadcast tomorrow

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bill F., who shares this message from Dick (DJ Spacewalker) at Radio Spaceshuttle International: Dear listeners, Special announcement! Wish you all to be ready to listen very last transmission of Radio Spaceshuttle on 13600 kHz … Continue reading

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Shortwave portables that are PC-programmable?

SWLing Post reader, Mark, recently contact me with the following question: “What portable shortwave radios under $300 have an option to have their memories programmed using a computer?” I replied to Mark that I can’t think of a single shortwave … Continue reading

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Shortwave Radio Recordings: Radio St. Helena

Many thanks to Shortwave Radio Audio Archive contributor, Brian Smith, who shares the following recording of Radio St. Helena Day 2006 and notes: “Beginning in 1990, Radio St. Helena was known for transmitting an international shortwave radio broadcast only once a year — … Continue reading

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Moshe’s early birthday gift: a Philips 90AL765

SWLing Post contributor, Moshe, writes: After reading your post about your Panasonic RF2200 pre-birthday present, I decided I want to do the same. The radio I chose has a story behind it… My Grandfather had the same exact radio. I … Continue reading

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