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Shortwave portables that are PC-programmable?

SWLing Post reader, Mark, recently contact me with the following question: “What portable shortwave radios under $300 have an option to have their memories programmed using a computer?” I replied to Mark that I can’t think of a single shortwave … Continue reading

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Shortwave Radio Recordings: Radio St. Helena

Many thanks to Shortwave Radio Audio Archive contributor, Brian Smith, who shares the following recording of Radio St. Helena Day 2006 and notes: “Beginning in 1990, Radio St. Helena was known for transmitting an international shortwave radio broadcast only once a year — … Continue reading

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Moshe’s early birthday gift: a Philips 90AL765

SWLing Post contributor, Moshe, writes: After reading your post about your Panasonic RF2200 pre-birthday present, I decided I want to do the same. The radio I chose has a story behind it… My Grandfather had the same exact radio. I … Continue reading

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Recording the 2015 Leap Second

Yesterday, I posted a brief article about the leap second that occurred between 23:59:59 June 30, 2015 and 00:00:00 UTC July 01, 2015. I decided to record the leap second on as many shortwave time station frequencies as possible. The only … Continue reading

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Hang on a second…seriously

Tonight, for the first time in three years, we will experience a leap second. What is a leap second?  Wikipedia provides a concise explanation: A leap second is a one-second adjustment that is occasionally applied to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in … Continue reading

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Music discovery via shortwave radio

A few days ago, SWLing Post reader LondonShortwave posted a playlist on his blog; it’s a great playlist of music he’s been exposed to via shortwave radio broadcasters over the years. I was quite inspired by this playlist (of all absolutely brilliant songs, by the way), not … Continue reading

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Global 24’s take on the future of the shortwave radio

Many thanks to the staff of Global 24 for the following response to my post, Does Shortwave Radio Have a Future?: To Shortwave Listeners of the World: Shortwave radio is not dying. In fact, we think the whole story line should … Continue reading

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