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One more week to get your Shindig T-shirt at a discount

Remember our announcement about the Shortwave Shindig T-shirt? David Goren has extended his 10% discount to SWLing Post readers for one more week! Simply enter the promotional coupon code “swling” at checkout. Total cost will then be $18 shipped! Click … Continue reading

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Numbers Stations in the news

There have been a lot of numbers in the news lately. Earlier this week, David Goren’s numbers station radio documentary was featured on the ABC Radio National show, Sounds Like Radio. Click here to listen. This morning, I also noticed this excellent BBC News Magazine piece … Continue reading

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Shortwave Shindig rebroadcast, April 18 and 19

This just in from David Goren at Shortwaveology: Shortwave Shindig rebroadcast! The show originally broadcast on 3/14 will be heard again on WRMI: Friday, April 18, at 6-7 pm ET (2200-2300 UTC) and Saturday, April 19 at 11 pm-12 midnight … Continue reading

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The “Shortwave Shindig” T: you know you want one

[Update (04/10/14): Check out promotional pricing for SWLing Post readers below.] Remember that incredible live Shortwave Shindig broadcast of a few weeks ago? If you missed it, check out one of these recordings. David Goren, radio producer and Shortwavelogist behind the broadcast, … Continue reading

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Shortwave Radio Recordings: The Shortwave Shindig

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Matthew Williams, who recorded The Shortwave Shindig on 7,570 kHz at 2:00 UTC on March 15, 2014. Matthew was using his Kenwood TS-590S and an 80 meter doublet antenna at his home in New … Continue reading

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David Goren’s numbers station piece featured on 99% Invisible

We’ve mentioned “Shortwaveologist” David Goren on the SWLing Post multiple times. David is a talented radio producer who also happens to be a life-long avid shortwave radio listener. One of David’s productions, Atencion! Seis Siete Tres Siete Cero: The Mystery of … Continue reading

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Shortwaveology #2 now on SoundCloud

Radio producer and shortwave radio artist, David Goren, has recently posted his 2008 production of Shortwaveology #2 on Soundcloud. If you like the sonic texture of the shortwaves, you’ll love this recording: Perhaps if we badger David enough–say, on his Facebook page, … Continue reading

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