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Best application for the SDR-IQ on a MacBook Air?

I’m plotting travels soon and plan to take my RF Space SDR-IQ along for the ride. I’ve noted a number of excellent open source applications that work with the SDR-IQ, but many of them don’t work on the Mac OS … Continue reading

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Recording the 2014 World Cup Final

Sunday was the FIFA World Cup Final, and not only was I looking forward to the game, but (to tell the truth) I was also looking forward to recording the game via the BBC World Service for the Shortwave Radio … Continue reading

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SDR# now has AM synchronous detection

SWLing Post reader, London Shortwave writes with a remarkable story about the free SDR application, SDR#(or, “SDR sharp”). He writes: “Two days ago, I emailed Youssef (SDR# developer lead) to ask if he would consider adding synchronous AM detection to his … Continue reading

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Cross Country Wireless introduces an HF Upconverter

(Source: Southgate ARC) Cross Country Wireless have just released a HF Upconverter. This will allow HF or VHF SDR receivers such as the RTLSDR dongles, Funcube or our own SDR-4+ receiver to work on HF, LF and VLF. Unlike other … Continue reading

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Using the RTL2832U $20 SDR for HF & trunk-tracker scanning?

In response to our post on inexpensive SDRs based on the RTL2832U, Jeff Benedict writes: Here’s a website that has a lot of info on cheap SDR gear.  They have a write-up on an external board which adds HF capabilities.  I … Continue reading

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A very inexpensive Software Defined Radio based on the RTL2832U

Many thanks to Benn (AK4AV) for passing along this article from the IEEE which describes how a $20 USB digital TV antenna tuner can be transformed into an impressive, flexible software defined radio: http://spectrum.ieee.org/geek-life/hands-on/a-40-softwaredefined-radio The article incldes the following embedded video … Continue reading

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Confessions of an SDRaholic: when 4.5 terabytes is not enough

Alas, ever since I started using Software Defined Receivers (SDRs) last year, I’ve found that I fill up hard drives faster than I can buy them. As you may have noted, I like to make spectrum recordings–especially during the night-time … Continue reading

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