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A few radio deals worth consideration

This morning, I checked a few retailers for “Cyber Monday” deals and took notes along the way. Some of the best finds came from Blinq, a retailer I’ve purchased from a number of times. Note that Blinq products are often open … Continue reading

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Bill’s simple Sony SRF-59 passive loop antenna modification

In reference to our previous posts about the Sony SRF-59 ultralight receiver, SWLing Post reader, Bill Mead, writes: “As someone who doesn’t normally open the backs of radios, this is my mod on my ultralight. All it takes is a … Continue reading

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Pocket DX: Finding the Sony SRF-59 and SRF-39FP

I have two of the Sony SRF series pocket AM/FM radios: the grey SRF-59 and the clear SRF-39FP. The venerable SRF-59 has long been one of the least expensive, quality analog AM/FM receivers on the market. I originally purchased one new for … Continue reading

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Hearing shortwave on the Sony SRF-59 AM/FM walkman

SWLing Post reader, Steve, writes: I check in on your blog frequently. I’ve been a casual SW and AM dxer since my childhood. I’m a mechanical engineer, and have some basic electronics knowledge, but I’m no RF expert, and half … Continue reading

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A review of the Sony SRF-59 — cheap, fun Mediumwave DX thrills

A few years ago, I heard a lot of buzz in AM/Mediumwave radio circles about a small, inexpensive radio called the Sony SRF-59. Discussions were focused on the incredible performance of this diminutive low-cost radio and how it held it … Continue reading

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