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Miami Herald: Cuban spies and shortwave numbers

I should note that we have several recordings and frequencies for the numbers station HM01, which is mentioned in this article. Very happy to see that they interviewed Chris Smolinski: (Source: Miami Herald) Even if you’re not a Cuban spy, you … Continue reading

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Reuters: “Beethoven and numbers on Korean shortwave”

Numbers stations get some spotlight in the wake of Jang Song Thaek’s removal from power: (Source: Reuters) Dec 9 (Reuters) – As a scratchy rendition of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No 8 fades into a sea of shortwave radio static, a … Continue reading

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Cuban Numbers Station HM01: serving up a little confusion

On occasion, I hear the Cuban numbers station HM01 on 5,855 kHz on weekday mornings. It seems that many of the mornings as I listen, I hear HM01 making mistakes or at least experiencing “technical difficulties” (click here for a … Continue reading

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Russian spies used shortwave numbers stations and satellites inside Germany

Thanks to Andrea Borgnino for sharing this article: (Source: Der Spiegel) A pair of Russian agents was convicted on Tuesday of spying in Germany for more than 20 years. Russian President Vladimir Putin is personally conducting the negotiations for a … Continue reading

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North Korean numbers station detected; possible submarine instructions?

The website Intellihub.com features an Op Ed piece regarding a recently detected numbers station supposedly originating from North Korea. The station, reported by a ham radio operator, is in single-side band and adjacent to the Voice of Korea. Below is an excerpt from … Continue reading

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Deutsche Welle: spies received secret messages on their shortwave receiver

If you’ve ever been curious who listens to and acts upon the coded messages we hear in numbers stations (a.k.a. spy numbers stations), follow this German-based couple who are being accused of spying on NATO and and the EU: (Source: … Continue reading

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Secret Wars exhibition features shortwave radio artist David Goren

For readers living near Brooklyn, New York, make a point to visit the Secret Wars exhibition at the interdisciplinary gallery, Proteus Gowanus. Radio producer, sound artist, and die-hard shortwaveologist, David Goren, will host a talk/listening session about numbers stations, clandestines, propaganda stations, rebel … Continue reading

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