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Tecsun PL-600: $74.99 shipped at Amazon

SWLing Post reader, Tom Ally, writes to say that the Tecsun PL-600 is currently on sale at Amazon.com for $74.99, shipping included. While this is not a deep discount, he notes that it is a lot of radio for the … Continue reading

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PL-680 and ATS-405 radio reviews now online

This week, both Jay Allen and Chris Freitas have reviewed the Tecsun PL-680. If you’re considering purchasing a PL-680, you should check out both reviews and also our PL-680 review and radio comparison from February. Jay has also reviewed the … Continue reading

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Tecsun PL-680: SSB display inaccuracy

SWLing Post reader, Olli Turunen, writes: I thought you would like to know this. I bought PL-680 few days ago and I noticed that mine has the display about 1 khz off. I contact Anna on Anon-Co and got a quick … Continue reading

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Pete gives Kaito high marks for customer service

SWLing Post reader, Pete Jernakoff (K3KMS), writes: “I purchased two PL-880 radios from Amazon about a year ago and before the soft muting issue became a hot topic. Both of my radios (8819 firmware version) suffered from this most annoying problem … Continue reading

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A review of the Tecsun PL-680 with reader survey results

When I heard early reports about the new Tecsun PL-680, I was already wondering how it would stack up alongside other Tecsun portables. An early photo of the Tecsun PL-680 revealed how very similar it is, indeed, to the Tecsun PL-600, which has been … Continue reading

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Tecsun PL-680: Reader surveys closing today

If you haven’t had a chance to weigh in on the Tecsun PL-660/PL-680 comparison surveys, you will need to do so by 23:00 UTC today. I’m working on the Tecsun PL-680 review and need completed surveys for graphs/charts. The review … Continue reading

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Reader Survey: Comparing the Tecsun PL-680 and PL-660 on medium wave (AM)

[Update: Please note that this survey has been closed, but the audio samples–labeled Radio A and Radio B–will remain to allow others the opportunity to make an evaluation prior to reading the PL-680 review.] [Update 2: The PL-680 review and … Continue reading

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