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Used Microtelecom Perseus $729.95 via Universal Radio


I regularly check out the used equipment list at Universal Radio. While prices are not rock-bottom, the seller (Universal) is solid. Universal backs all of their used equipment with a 60 day limited warranty and their product descriptions are accurate. Fullscreen capture 10272015 65822 PM

This Microtelecom Perseus (see ad above) appeared in Universal’s used index a few weeks ago.  I assumed it would be snatched up pretty quickly at $729.99 US. I’ve been tempted to purchase it, but since I have no less than five SDRs in my shack at the moment, it would certainly be in excess to my needs.

Why buy a Perseus?  Even though it’s been on the market for many years, the Perseus has an excellent receiver that is comparable to or better than many of the latest SDR offerings. While I’ve never been a huge fan of the Perseus application/software, it is unique in that it allows you to both share your receiver and control other Perseus receivers online. The included server software is relatively easy to implement as well; no doubt, this is why there are so many Perseus receivers online.

I’ve even heard rumors that Microtelecom may be introducing a new Perseus application before long (I certainly hope this is true).

If you’ve been looking for a used Perseus in good condition, I feel like the $729 price is fair from Universal Radio (new units sell for $999.95).

Occasionally, you can find the Perseus used on eBay as well (click here to search).

At the prompting of Mark Fahey, I’m planning to borrow a friend’s Perseus soon and try some of the online functionality. If I make the receiver available through the Perseus online network, I’ll post an update here on the SWLing Post.

Reminder: Share a photo of your shack or listening post for a chance to win a Grundig G2

Manisha's favorite listening post is her balcony in New Dehli where she listens with her Sony portable.

Manisha’s favorite listening post is her apartment balcony in New Delhi.

The November 1st deadline for our latest Reader Challenge is approaching!

In exchange for sharing a photo of your favorite listening post or your radio shack with the SWLing Post community, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Grundig G2 portable radio/recorder and player! The choice will be made by random selection, so everyone has an equal chance of winning.

Click here to read a full description of the contest and how you can participate!

Many thanks to our friends at Universal Radio for sponsoring this contest!

The AOR AR-Mini B is back (and on sale at Universal Radio)

AOR-AR-Mini-BWhile browsing the front page of Universal Radio recently, I noted that the AOR AR-Mini B handheld communications receiver is currently on sale.

This surprised for two reasons:

  1. I thought the AR-Mini B was discontinued.
  2. This receiver used to sell for about $259 US.

I contacted Fred Osterman (President of Universal) for more details.

Fred informed me that, a couple of weeks ago, AOR USA announced the availability of the model once again. He noted that the units arrived from AOR JAPAN to AOR USA last week and they are now in stock.  Fred seemed as surprised as I was that the Mini B resurfaced.

He confirmed that AOR have these in quantity–they’re not simply units discovered in a warehouse corner somewhere.  They could be surplus from a large special order.

The AOR AR-Mini B is not a perfect receiver, but at $159.95 it’s a pretty good value for a very rugged, water-resistant receiver that puts much of the radio spectrum in your pocket (100 kHz to 1299.995 MHz).

If you’re tempted to purchase the AOR AR-Mini B, check out this review by Larry Van Horne (PDF) and this review by Dave Zantow first.

Share a photo of your shack or listening post for a chance to win a Grundig G2

The listening post and ham radio shack of Giuseppe Morlè (IZ0GZW) from Ponza Island, Italy.

The listening post and ham radio shack of Giuseppe Morlè (IZ0GZW) from Ponza Island, Italy.

[UPDATE: We have a winner! If you didn’t win, fear not! Follow this link for future contests.]

Want to share your shack or listening post with the world on the SWLing Post? Want a chance to win a Grundig G2? If so, keep reading…!


This month, we’ll be collecting photos of our readers’ listening posts, radio shacks or favorite listening spot. And we don’t care if your listening post or shack is filled with gear or consists only of one radio in a public park; we’re just glad you’re listening, and we’d love to see how.  

The fact is, I’ve always been interested to learn what sorts of receivers, transceivers, and accessories our readers––many of whom are also shortwave listeners and/or ham radio operators––have in their shacks or use at their favorite listening spots.  After some consideration, the notion to show other readers how we listen became the basis for a fun contest.  Fred Osterman at Universal Radio championed the idea, offering his encouragement in the form of a prize.

In exchange for a photo of your favorite listening post, along with a brief description of your equipment––see details below––you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Grundig G2 portable radio/recorder and player by random selection.

Again, many thanks to our good friends at Universal Radio, who will kindly make this excellent prize available to anyone in the world.  That’s right; excepting applicable import taxes or duties, for which you’re responsible, Universal will ship your prize to you for free, no matter where you live!

This contest is open to everyone, save Universal Radio employees, their families, and those of us here at the Post.

How to enter…

Simply send an email to SWLingPostContest@gmail.com that includes: 

  • a photo of your listening post or shack,
  • your name, as you’d like it to appear in the SWLing Post,
  • your call sign (if applicable), 
  • your shipping address, and
  • a brief description of your favorite shack gear as seen in your photo. You, too, can make an appearance in this photo if you like.

Again, the winner will be chosen at random, which means that everyone will have an equal chance of winning.  By submitting an entry, you’re consenting to have your name and photo posted on the SWLing Post; after all, that’s the idea. Of course, your information stays with us and will never be sold or used for any purpose other than this contest.

Your entry must be submitted by November 1, 2015…Can’t wait to see (and share with our readers) how you’re listening!

Universal Radio: new Whistler scanners and a “QRP corner” page

The Whistler WS1098 Scanner

The Whistler WS1098 Tabletop Scanner

I recently had a conversation with my good friend Fred Osterman, president of Universal Radio. Fred told me about a couple of items on their website I thought might interest Post readers:

  • A QRP Corner page with quick links to products and categories that are relevant to QRPers, portable operators and those interested in communications preparedness. The new QRP corner page can be found by clicking here. Fred notes that he page is a work in progress with regular additions.
  • Fred has also posted preliminary information about new Whistler Scanners: the Whistler WS1088 and WS1098. Fred is impressed with the preliminary product information and should have pricing and availability soon (both units are still pending FCC approval).

I’ve read through the specifications of the new Whistler scanners: I love the fact that they come with frequencies banks that can be loaded by simply entering your zip code (in the US). I find that programming scanners–as well as modern VHF/UHF handhelds–can lead to a serious headache. I’m happy to see that manufacturers like Whistler and Uniden are finally making the process much easier.

Many thanks for the update, Fred!