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WRNO Worldwide recordings from 1983

Many thanks to Dave (N9EWO) who writes: “I see a great You Tube file (it’s in 2 parts) of a WRNO Worldwide broadcast “off air” recording made on Dec 14, 1983. Ah yes the memories[...] You can hear the very … Continue reading

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Video: Build a radio in less than one minute

(Source: Southgate ARC) “Due to the numerous requests from his Build-a-radio-in-5-minutes, radio amateur Tommy Helgevold OZ4KID decided to make a better video with explanations on how to make a radio like this He also decided to beat his old challenge as well… … Continue reading

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Last Man Standing comments on FCC regulation

Many thanks to Ray Novak for sharing this video from the ABC series Last Man Standing: I imagine there are pirates out there who would agree with Mike Baxter (a.k.a. Tim Allen).  Savor your ham.

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Video: Voice of Mongolia antenna farm

In response to Chris’ recording of The Voice of Mongolia from Truk Lagoon, Mark shared his video taken from a train as he passes the Voice of Mongolia’s antenna farm earlier this year. Note the large curtain antennas. The size … Continue reading

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Video: Maintenance on an ABC shortwave antenna and transmitter

Thanks to Paul Thurst on the blog Engineering Radio, I discovered this excellent video of the engineering staff of ABC (Radio Australia) servicing some of their HF antennas and transmitters.  Having visited several shortwave transmission sites myself, I truly appreciate this peek … Continue reading

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Video: A look inside Radio Havana Cuba

Thanks to Marc for passing along this video which takes you inside Radio Havana Cuba:

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Video: Climbing a 1768′ radio tower

This video is not only educational, but will certainly put your fear of heights to the test:

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