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In Zimbabwe, “if you want to hear the truth…listen to Shortwave Radio Africa…listen to VOA”

This is a brilliant piece on the lack of press freedom in Zimbabwe and the importance of shortwave radio. It was broadcast yesterday on Weekend All Things Considered. Links to the show and audio are below. (Source: NPR) In Seke, … Continue reading

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“Shortwave listening like a fishing expedition”

(Source: Ventura County Star) Shortwave listening like a fishing expedition Trading clicks for turns, clarity for static … and really loving it It starts with a high-pitched squeal followed by a burst of static. […]We’re living in the richest time … Continue reading

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China blocks foreign websites for one hour

(Source: The Guardian) China’s internet users have been cut off from accessing all foreign websites for around an hour in an unexplained incident that sparked speculation the country’s censorship system was being tested or further tightened. The “great firewall” already … Continue reading

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Censorship in Djibouti: International broadcasters, take note

I just caught wind of a now all-too-familiar story in international broadcasting–this time, via Reporters Without Borders. While I encourage you to read the full press release below, the summarized story is that Reporters Without Borders has launched a mirror web … Continue reading

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BBC World Service: A Lifetime of Shortwave Radio

An Antarctic glaciologist, Burmese monk, communications professor and a Somalian tell their shortwave radio stories in this article posted by the BBC World Service in honor of 80 years of shortwave radio broadcasts. In my opinion, these stories are very much … Continue reading

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ABC video highlights the Dooen transmitter on World Radio Day

(Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Standing 201-metres tall with a 19-metre wide capacitive ‘top hat’, the 3WV mast in western Victoria stands out in the vast flat landscape that stretches below it. Celebrating 75th years of service, the occasion of World … Continue reading

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The Guardian on World Radio Day: celebrating an unsung hero

(Source: The Guardian) Radio is the predominant source of information in areas of the world that are sometimes too remote to get a newspaper delivered, let alone access the internet. This is why Unesco has noted that radio is a … Continue reading

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