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23 January 2015: A Friday morning 31 meter band scan

This morning, I tuned around the 31 meter band and was surprised with favorable propagation out of Asia (see spectrum waterfall above–click to enlarge). I started logging a few stations, but the effort quickly turned into a full band scan/survey.  I logged everything … Continue reading

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Chrome Remote Desktop: another application choice

In response to my post about SWLing in a hospital waiting room via TeamViewer, Stephen Cooper comments: “Google Chrome Remote Desktop also works well for this. [Click here to download] Allows me to listen to my Elad when I am … Continue reading

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Shortwave listening in a hospital lobby

This morning, at 6:00 am, I had to take a friend to the hospital for a scheduled (minor) operation. The hospital waiting room is spartan for a projected three hour wait, but the complimentary wi-fi Internet is quite speedy. I had planned to catch … Continue reading

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Recording the 2014 World Cup Final

Sunday was the FIFA World Cup Final, and not only was I looking forward to the game, but (to tell the truth) I was also looking forward to recording the game via the BBC World Service for the Shortwave Radio … Continue reading

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AM sync lessens noise in this The Voice of Greece broadcast

Sometimes, the Voice of Greece plays very little Greek music; October 10th was one of those occasions.  Nonetheless, I recorded that evening’s broadcast. Using AM sync for sideband noise In the first hour of the 10/10 VOG broadcast, you’ll hear … Continue reading

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WinRadio Excalibur owners take note: 2013 may require a software update

Yesterday, when I attempted to start my WinRadio Excalibur software, I received an error message from Windows 7. No matter if I restarted my PC, re-installed the control software or the USB driver, I simply could not get the Excalibur … Continue reading

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A review of the WiNRADiO WR-G31DDC “Excalibur” software defined radio (SDR)

I confess, I’m one of those shortwave radio listeners who has always believed the best tabletop radio is one that looks like a radio–a radio with knobs, buttons, a digital or analog display, and one sole purpose in life: to tune … Continue reading

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