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Sean crunches the language numbers

Sean Gilbert, International Editor at WRTH, writes: I have completed my season-on-season analysis of the top 18 languages used by SW broadcasters. I chose 18 because it is the number we use in our bargraph file (odd number I know, but … Continue reading

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Portables, SDRs, dongles, kits, and a spy radio: our virtual radio challenge responses

Two weeks ago, I posted a virtual challenge for SWLing Post readers:  I asked you to imagine you were placed on a one-year research assignment on one of the world’s most remote inhabited islands, namely, Tristan Da Cunha, in the South Atlantic. Your goal … Continue reading

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2014 WRTH: A look inside

I received my copy of the 2014 World Radio and TV Handbook (WRTH) directly from the publisher a few days ago, just prior to a 24 hour power outage. As many SWLing Post readers know, I always look forward to … Continue reading

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CommRadio CR-1 and WRTH: Power outage essentials

Like much of North America, we’re currently experiencing record low temperatures and strong winds here at our mountain home. This morning, I woke to no power and no Internet. My iPhone still works though, hence the ability to publish this … Continue reading

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The sixth edition of The Worldwide Listening Guide

I’m very pleased to have just received the 6th edition of John Figliozzi’s Worldwide Listening Guide (WWLG). This is the latest updated version of the guide I reviewed last year. As I said then, you may want a copy of the … Continue reading

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Sean crunches language numbers: Tibetan shows increase

Sean Gilbert, International Editor for the World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH), posted the following information on WRTH’s Facebook page. He has kindly given permission to share this on the SWLing Post. Sean writes: “I have just been looking at the reductions … Continue reading

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WRTH 2013 Summer (A) season available for download

I just received the following message from Sean Gilbert with WRTH: The WRTH editorial team are pleased to announce that the Summer (A) Season broadcast schedules file is now available to download for free from http://www.wrth.com/ just follow the link on the … Continue reading

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