Looking under the hood: Sony ICF-SW7600GR internal shots

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Rawad Hamwi, who writes:

Hi Thomas

Recently I was looking over the internet for some high resolution images for an opened Sony ICF-SW7600GR, but could not find much.

So…I took the “risk” and I opened mine! The main purpose was to clean it from dust, since I am living in a quite dusty environment

I was amazed how easy the process was. It was like eating a piece of cake! Remove the 5 screws and viola! that’s it! You can definitely see the Japanese quality inside.

So, I would like to share with you some high resolution images and somebody may use them for reference too!

Click here to download a compressed file with all of the photos in high resolution (24 MB).

Thank you so much for sharing these, Rawad!  Excellent photos that will, no doubt, prove useful to those wishing to repair or modify the Sony ICF-SW7600GR.

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5 thoughts on “Looking under the hood: Sony ICF-SW7600GR internal shots

  1. steve

    mine just crapped out, lost sensitivity on am/sw, fm sounds okay, am pulls in strong signals only, audio only comes in at high volume–i have to crank it almost all the way to the top volume and only then the speaker outputs, it’s like the volume pot only works at the highest 10% of the range. this happened right after i tried the mute mod–soldered 1k resistor across the two connectors, i thought the mod worked but almost right after i lost sensitivity and the audio problem started.

  2. Mike

    Is there a way to add encoder to this precious rig?
    I have been thinking about some attiny uProcessor that will translate encoder movement to up/down buttons pressing.
    Any ideas?

  3. Golan Klinger

    I guess posting a link to the definitive list of Sony ICF-SW7600GR modifications might be in order:


    If anyone knows of a similar site with information regarding the modification of the Grundig G4000A (aka Yachtboy 400), please let me know. Someone using the handle “rickw999” once compiled a list of such mods but his website is long gone.

    1. Marcus Keulertz

      I know a very nice person who modifies radios with filters or just repair it . If anyone is interested in it I could send his interest link



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