Rawad takes a peek inside the Sony ICF-SW11

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Rawad Hamwi, who writes:

Recently, I’d acquired a vintage Sony ICF-SW11 from my grandparents and it was in a good shape. After removing its back cover, I did some housekeeping inside and took couple of photos:

I know that this radio is somehow a basic shortwave receiver, lacking some features such as a dedicated external antenna jack.

While waiting this radio to be delivered, I was searching the internet for a hack or trick in which I can utilize my existing long wire antenna and use it on this radio for MW specially. Usually, I depend heavily on my 30 m long wire antenna since the noise level inside my room is somehow high. But I found nothing.

I was amazed when I plugged my 3.5 mm external antenna jack only half way through the Sony’s audio jack. At this moment, the reception was enhanced dramatically on all the bands (FM/LW/MW/SW). I’m not sure how and why but this trick seems to be working! No more noise, the device was pulling signals out of the long wire directly

I found that quite cool. This simple hack had solved my noise problems and I would recommend it to all Sony ICF-SW11 owners. I hope that this wouldn’t affect my device badly on the long run!

One final [note], as far as I know, the telescopic antenna is designed for the FM and SW on this radio. However, whenever I touch that antenna while tuning in to MW, I notice some changes in the signal strengths. Maybe the telescopic antenna works alongside with the ferrite antenna? Or there may be some sort of a short circuit inside?

Thanks for sharing your notes and photos, Rawad. The ICF-SW11 is a great little analog radio–I have one here at SWLing Post HQ and plan to give it to an elderly friend when I next see him. It’s such a simple radio to operate.

In terms of improved performance on MW when you touch the telescoping antenna, I suspect you’re grounding the radio and that’s giving reception a boost. Maybe that’s what’s also happening when you add the longwire to the audio jack?  Comments, anyone?

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3 thoughts on “Rawad takes a peek inside the Sony ICF-SW11

  1. rtc

    BTW if you remember the bad variable cap Pop
    Defect in the Sony SRF-39,49 and 59 ultralights
    (It got more likely with the 49 and was pandemic in the 59),
    unfortunately the SW 10 and especially SW 11 suffer from it too.
    An easy way to check is to put it on Longwave and tune…if the
    variable is bad it will go Pop Pop Pop as you tune.
    (From sad experience…? .)

  2. rtc

    Interesting to see that this SW 11 was made in Japan.
    All of them seen here were made in China.
    Everything in the SW 11 is identical to the SW 10 except
    the front panel (and its “on” switch) so if you need a
    better rear panel etc. it’s the same in the 10 and 11.


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