Xiegu G90 for sale

Readers have asked if I ever sell radios I purchase for review: I certainly do–all the time–but typically via ham radio classified sites like QTH.com and at local hamfests.

By request, I’ve decided I’ll start posting some rigs and accessorie here on the SWLing Post first. This will give readers first dibs if they’re interested.

Xiegu G90

The first radio I’m posting is the Xiegu G90 20 watt general coverage transceiver.

I purchased the G90 knowing I’d sell it later, but admitted to friends during the review process I was considering the idea of keeping it (always a temptation with good review units). I like the G90 because it is a brilliant little radio that has great receiver characteristics. It’s also very portable and has one of the best internal ATUs I’ve ever tested. I also like the spectrum/waterfall display and the fact it has a remote head. These are some of the reasons the G90 is so popular among POTA and SOTA activators.

Still, I haven’t used it a lot since my review because I already own seven other field transceivers. And, frankly, the sale of the G90 will help with my Icom IC-705 purchase (hopefully) later this month.

Since this is the very unit I used for review, you can assume it’ll be one of the more thoroughly-vetted you’ve ever purchased. 🙂

Click here to read my comprehensive review of this G90.

I made a couple modifications to the radio:

Of course, it comes with all original packing materials, etc.

Feeding the SWLing Post “Radio Bux” fund

I’ve invested a total of $479.95 in this Xiegu G90.

If you’re interested in purchasing, simply send me your best offer and where you live (assume USPS shipping included in your offer)–keeping in mind the sale of this rig simply funds future radio reviews.

Due to all the craziness with shipping internationally at present and the fact I only want to ship this via the US Postal Service, I’d like to keep the sale within the United States this time.

Please contact me if interested and I’ll pick the best offer by Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

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