Dan watches record-setting vintage JRC receiver auction prices

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:

The question is, will it go even higher than the two NRD-240s a few months ago?


As collectors of premium receivers know, the Japan Radio Corporation (JRC) NRD-630 is among the rarest of radios.

NRD-630s are almost never seen on the used market and when they do appear, they sell usually for over $5,000 U.S.

This NRD-630, with only a few hours to go, appears on the Japan Buyee (Yahoo Auctions) site, and the receiver appears to be in like new condition.

The last JRC receivers to bring over $5,000 were two NRD-240 receivers, both of those also in like new condition.

Click here to see the results of this auction.

Thanks, Dan! It’s so fascinating to see how prices for these vintage JRC receivers change with time!

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4 thoughts on “Dan watches record-setting vintage JRC receiver auction prices

  1. Anthony

    Can anyone enlighten me as to (other than their rarity) why is this a prized model ? Is it also one of the best out there in terms of marine or table top receivers ?

  2. Dan Robinson

    This was indeed a record price, at least based on my observations in recent years: $5,840 U.S. for this
    mostly pristine NRD-630.

    1. Mike Butler

      Greetings Thomas and Dan and a heartfelt thank you to both of you for your contributions to the SWLing hobby. A quick question for Dan…I’ve recently acquired an NRD-545 and have a couple of questions for you as an experienced user/owner of the same model receiver;
      1. I have been powering the radio with a LiFePo battery (via the JRC fused 12v DC cord vs mains power in the hope of minimizing interference. I’ve noted the radio stays nice and cool with this power source, can I assume I’m prolonging the unit’s lifespan as heat is the enemy of most electronic devices?
      2. I also have an FTDI control cable for the radio. What software, if any have you used with the NRD-545 and what do you recommend?
      73, Mike K4FBI


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