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A Case Logic case for the Sony ICF-SW7600GR

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Rawad Hamwi, who writes:

When I bought my Sony ICF-SW7600GR back in 2014, I was happy with the included case that came with it. However, signs of wear and tear started to be visible. This inner fabric lining was peeling off, since it was rubbing against the antenna both plastic bumps located at the back of the radio

So I decided to look for another way of protection, and I found what I was looking for on Amazon. The Case Logic PDVS-4 5-7-Inch In-CarDVD Player Case.

That case was large enough to fit my radio and it had a second pocket which I used to store the original case.

I am totally satisfied with that purchase and I highly recommend this item for every Sony ICF-SW7600GR owner. Unzip the case, connect your external antenna (if you want), turn on the radio, and you are ready to! And when you’re done, just vice versa the above steps!

Check out the Case Logic PDVS-4 on Amazon (affiliate link).

Thank you, Rawad.  In my experience, Case Logic products are very durable.  Thanks for sharing your tip!

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