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Used Shortwave Radio Marketplace

Unlike buying a new shortwave radio, buying a used radio typically comes with no warranty. Still, I have purchased many used radios in the past and very rarely have had an issue. I typically buy from one of the following three places:

  • eBay: While it's difficult to find a great bargain on eBay, you do have the luxury of reading seller feedback prior to making a purchase and most sellers offer some sort of refund if the radio arrives DOA (dead on arrival). Since sellers rely on good ratings, they are typically accountable for what they sell. For your convenience, I have embedded an eBay window below with filtered results to show shortwave radios currently being listed.
  • Universal Radio: This shortwave radio retailer offers an array of quality used radios. You can view a selection of their used radios by clicking here or the entire list of their used inventory by clicking here. Unless otherwise stated, Universal Radio offers a limited warranty for their used radios.
  • Ads: is the Craigslist of the amateur radio world. Buyers must beware because there is less accountability on the part of the seller (no rating systems, etc.). There are good deals to be found via, however, and I have never had a problem as I use common sense tactics when purchasing. Click here to search for shortwave radios.

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Note that all of our suggested radios on our radio reviews page contain links to eBay so you can easily search for a specific model.