2 thoughts on “Radio Canada International Sackville NB 12

  1. Jim Irving

    A wonderful set of shots.

    I am a little bewildered at the shot above RCI Sackville 12. At first glace it looks like a hug cemetery, could you explain what they are. I was a sole charge policeman at a small country town called BULLS. In my area of coverage was the RNZ AIRFORCE BASE, as fighter jets came into land lights, like these would be turned on to help the pilots, but these have me completely baffled.

    Could you please explain what they are and the reason for them.


    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, Jim,

      I believe those are simply supports for the antenna feed lines. There are a lot of them and I believe they’re spaced at random intervals (meaning, not all perfectly spaced). From the roof of the building, it’s hard to see the feed line paths and the feed line. 🙂



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