SDRplay RSP2


The SDRplay RSP2 and RSP2 Pro (now replaced by the RSPdx) were built on SDRplay’s receiver technology and shared much in common with the original RSP1. SDRplay noted in the product announcement that:

“The RSP2 delivers a significant number of additional features which result in a higher spec for specialist amateur radio users as well as benefits for additional scientific, educational and industrial SDR applications.”

Compared with the original RSP1 (now replaced by the RSP1a), the RSP2 gives the enthusiast and experimenter access to more receiver parameters and control, opening it to a wider array of possible applications. The RSP2 will also cover a broader range, from as low as 1 kHz to as high as to 2 GHz, and is designed with better selectivity across the spectrum. Enhanced selectivity will certainly benefit amateur radio operators and SWL DXers who might seek weak signals in crowded portions of the band.

The RSP2 came in a basic and Pro model. The Pro model added a custom metal enclosure.





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