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Tecsun S-8800

The Tecsun S-8800 is the latest iteration of large portable shortwave radios built on the same chassis as the C.Crane CCRadio-SW, Grundig S350DL & Grundig S450DLX. The S-8800 features include: Features The S-8800 is a feature-packed triple conversion receiver.  Here’s an abridged list … Continue reading

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Tecsun PL-880

The Tecsun Pl-880 is the latest offering by the prominent shortwave radio manufacturer, Tecsun. The Pl-880 is a dual-conversion receiver sporting SSB reception with fine 10 Hz steps. It appears to have adjustable bandwidth, and a dedicated fine tune control. … Continue reading

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Degen DE1129

The Degen DE1129 is a new portable shortwave radio receiver and MP3 player/recorder. A smaller cousin of the DE1128, the DE1129 has switchable 9/10 kHz steps on the mediumwave band–something that prevented the DE1128 from ever catching on in North … Continue reading

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Tecsun PL-600

The Tecsun PL-600 is a LW/MW/FM/SW dual-conversion portable shortwave radio. This radio is noted for exceptional performance for its price. As with most Tecsun radios, the PL-600 is primarily available through eBay sellers in Hong-Kong. Please see our link below … Continue reading

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