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CommRadio CR-1

US-based CommRadio is introducing a new tabletop radio this year: the CR-1, an SDR-based shortwave/VHF/UHF receiver Their website has a few specifications and the video I’ve embedded below. The CR-1 receives the full medium wave and shortwave spectrum (.5-30 MHz), plus some portions of … Continue reading

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The AOR AR5001D is a tabletop wideband receiver that could just as easily be classified as a “professional” receiver. It represents the some of the highest level of performance that a receiver can offer. We have included it as a … Continue reading

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Yaesu VR-5000

The Yaesu VR5000 all-mode wide-band receiver packs a lot of features in one tabletop radio. As you will note with the reviews, with wide-band coverage comes a compromise. This is a better scanner (UHF/VHF) receiver than shortwave radio receiver. Specs: … Continue reading

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Palstar R30A

The Palstar R30A is an innovative, simple tabletop shortwave receiver manufactured in the USA. . Specs: 100kHz – 29.9999MHz AM, SSB (U/L) 20Hz/100Hz tuning steps, synthesized (low phase noise performance) Variable rate tuning: 20Hz-100Hz and 100Hz to 500Hz 100Khz Up/Down … Continue reading

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Icom IC-R75

The IC-R75 is one of the most popular tabletop receivers in production. Specs: Frequency coverage – 0.03–60.000000 MHz* Modes – USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM Memories – 101 (99 regular, 2 scan edges) Frequency stability – Less than ±7 … Continue reading

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Alinco DX-R8T

The Alinco DX-R8T is one of the newest tabletop shortwave receivers to hit the market in 2011. Not only is the DX-R8T a traditional tabletop radio, but it has a proper IF out port to use the receiver as a … Continue reading

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