Degen DE1129

The Degen DE1129 (Photo:

The Degen DE1129 is a new portable shortwave radio receiver and MP3 player/recorder. A smaller cousin of the DE1128, the DE1129 has switchable 9/10 kHz steps on the mediumwave band–something that prevented the DE1128 from ever catching on in North America.

We completed an initial look and full review of the DE1129 on the SWLing Post.

Pricing is $80US/each plus shipping from China.

Features (per retailer)

  • FM :87.0-108 .0 MHz
  • campus radio:64.0-108.0MHz
  • MW (medium wave) :522-1710KHz
  • SW (shortwave) :2.30-23 .00 MHz
  • Stored radio frequency of 248
  • Radio signal strength indicator
  • High-frequency stereo
  • Five tuning methods: (encoder knob / manual / automatic / memory / ATS)
  • Large-size LED backlit dot-matrix screen, full support of the Chinese display
  • Playback: MP3 and WMA decoding
  • Multiple repeat mode
  • A variety of sound modes
  • Variable speed playback
  • A-B repeat
  • Recording function: MIC recording, recording radio
  • MP3/WAV sound recording format selection
  • Can be used as the active speaker
  • E-book features: TXT document reading
  • Intelligent timer switch
  • Alarm clock function
  • Sleep timer (05-90 minutes)
  • Support software upgrades
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Built-in memory, support for the MICRO SD card playback
  • Key Lock Switch
  • The electronic volume control (31)
  • Built-in top super bass vibration film and wideband audio speaker
  • MINI-USB interface, USB2.0 high-speed transmission
  • The intelligent charging can be connected to the computer charge
  • Battery level indicator, low battery automatically shut down
  • Removable battery, replace the batteries more convenient
  • Machine size: 130 * 78 * 30MM
  • Weight (with lithium battery): about 145G
  • Supplied accessories: USB cable, lithium battery, and Operations Guide


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