Degen DE1129 front panel: English translations

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Erin, with, sent me this graphic with English translations for the Degen DE1129’s front panel (which is silk-screened in Chinese).

This could come in handy for future DE1129 owners less familiar with Chinese.

I’ve also added this image in our Shortwave Radio Index.

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6 thoughts on “Degen DE1129 front panel: English translations

  1. Erin

    I also put other Language to my ,If you have any problem.Feel free to ask me.I focus on Tecsun ,Degen ,Kchibo,Redsun,Anjian Radio.Please contact if you need these radios.

    1. Alex

      I’ve came across your your Russian translation page for DE1129 panel.
      As Russian is one of my native languages, I would suggest to make couple fixes, since now it is quite funny (especially the ‘mute’ feature, which now reads literally as ‘put a mute on’, where ‘mute’ is actually a kind of musical instrument – sordino). So here is the correct translation for some terms:

      delete – ???????
      mute – ???? ???./????. (means ‘sound on/off’, since this is how it is generally translated)
      record – ??????

      I’m note sure about the term ‘voice+/-‘. If this has something to do with sound volume, then it should be translated as:

      “voice+/-” “??????c?? +/-”

      if this has something to do with record level, then probably you can leave it as it is.
      I hope you can read this correctly in your browser.

      1. Alex

        Well, turned out that comments would not accept foreign characters. and there is no way to insert pictures too. Nevertheless, if you’d like to have correct translation, let me know where I could upload or e-mail it.


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