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Shortwave Radio Recordings: Voice of Greece, Voice of Turkey and Radio Croatia

For your listening enjoyment:  Voice of Greece (9,420 kHz), Radio Croatia (9,925 kHz) and Voice of Turkey (9,830 kHz). The Voice of Greece, in particular, broadcasts an extensive mix of music. These stations were recorded simultaneously, Saturday August 25th, 2012.

In total, there are more than 8 hours of shortwave radio recordings in this set–enough to make it through your work day:

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Hurricane Isaac: Hear eyewitness weather reports on shortwave

At time of this posting, I’m listening to the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) on 14,325 kHz.  HWN net control is receiving weather reports as Hurricane Isaac hits Louisiana with 80 mph winds–dumping torrential rain on the area and causing widespread flooding.

Although Isaac is “only” a Category One hurricane, I suspect damage will exceed similar storms from the past, as the flood waters are rapidly rising, already forcing some people into attics and onto rooftops.

Tuning In

If you have a shortwave radio, even a portable, that can tune in SSB (or Single-Side Band), you can listen to or participate in the Hurricane Watch Net.

In a previous post–almost exactly one year ago when Hurricane Irene was threatening islands and States in the Gulf of Mexico–I described how to listen to the HWN.

Below, is a short audio clip of the Hurricane Watch Net this morning, which includes a few reports and a check-in from the National Hurricane Center’s own ham radio station:

(If  you find this kind of thing exciting, or you’re into weather tracking and would like to become more involved in disaster communications, consider becoming a ham radio operator.)

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Severe Weather: Are you prepared?

As I was listening to reports of tropical storm (now hurricane) Isaac this morning on the radio and a lot of emphasis was placed on preparedness for those who lie in his path.

Of course, it’s difficult to prepare this close to a weather event as supplies are typically low and demand is high. We radio enthusiasts are well aware of the importance of radio supplies, but there’s so much more to include to have preparedness basics in place.

Isaac may or may not pan out to be a memorable weather event, but we can take this opportunity as a reminder to be prepared. Indeed, the US National Weather Service predicts that we will have an active hurricane season in here in the states. If weather in Europe follows the same course, it could be bitterly cold and snowy. Typhoons in Asia have also been active most recently.

No matter where you live, spend some time preparing for natural disasters or interruptions to public utilities. We have several helpful posts on the SWLing Post which can help you with this very thing.  Take a look at the following in our archives:

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