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September 1, 2019: Free Radio Skybird returns to channel292

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, “One Deck” Pete, who shares the following announcement:

DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird returns to the shortwaves on Sunday September 1st 2019 via http://www.channel292.de/ on 6070 kHz at 1900 UTC (8pm UK time).

With a mixture of features and music, the hour transmission will include One Deck Pete’s “Soothing sound of shortwave”, Steve with Mini indie radio and Justin Patrick Moore from Sothismedias with another episode of the Radiophonic Laboratory.

Last month we had listeners in New Zealand, Northern Canada and Italy (QSL and soundclip here) to name but a few places. Come on, what’s better than listening to a radio broadcast with audio that has fading, co-channel interference and sounds like it had a journey via the ionosphere rather than something that’s been streamed in crisp dolby stereo? Who said shortwave radio is dead? #freeradioskybird #shortwavesnotdead #madtone

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Free Radio Skybird returns August 4, 2019

I just received a message from DJ Frederick noting that Free Radio Skybird will “broadcast on 4 August @ 1900 UTC on 6070 kHz.”

Free Radio Skybird is “a shortwave radio show celebrating music & culture in the spirit of free radio.”

According to our friend, One Deck Pete, he’ll feature his “Soul on shortwave” and Justin Patrick Moore from Sothismedias will feature the first episode of his Radiophonic Laboratory.

Certainly, a show not to be missed as these radio personalities are all friends of the SWLing Post!

I highly recommend tuning in to Free Radio Skybird, then sending your reception reports to: singinggrove@conknet.com

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Alan Roe’s updated A19 season guide to music on shortwave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alan Roe, who notes:

I attach an updated version (version 2) of my “Music Programmes on Shortwave” PDF list for the current A-19 broadcast season for you to consider adding to your SWLing Post pages. I hope that you find it of interest. As always, I appreciate any updates or corrections.

Alan, thanks so much for keeping this brilliant guide updated each broadcast season and for sharing it here with the Post community! I always keep a printed version of your guide at my listening post!

Click here to download a PDF copy of Alan Roe’s Music on Shortwave A-19.

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Brilliant radio song by Van Morrison: “In The Days Before Rock’n’Roll”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dave Porter, who writes:

After some 20 years I have rediscovered this radio song by the UK northern Irish singer Van Morrison.

“In The Days Before Rock’n’Roll”

There are some great TX station names in the song! It’s a full 8 minutes long….

Take a listen…

Click here to view/listen on YouTube.

I don’t think I’ve heard this song in twenty years or more. Thank you for sharing this, Dave!

I’ll have to add Van Morrison to the list of radio influenced musicians we’ve featured in the past, including:

Post Readers: Do you know of any other musicians who were influenced by the shortwaves?  Please comment and share links to their work!

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“This Frequency” – A new EP from Madtone and Jazz’min

Many thanks to SWLing Post friend and contributor, Pete Madtone, who has just released his latest EP called, “This Frequency.”

This EP features vocalist Jazz’min and off-air audio samples of contest station P49Y from Aruba.

The EP, released this week, can be found on Madtone’s Bandcamp page:


Jazz’min put up “This Frequency” the title track, up on her Soundcloud page:

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