Texas Radio Shortwave returns to Channel 292 monthly

(Source: Texas Radio Shortwave)

TRSW returns to Channel 292 monthly

TRSW returns to Channel 292, Rohrbach, Germany, on each month’s first consecutive Saturday and Sunday. (In September, that’s the 7th and 8th.)

Programs air the first Saturday on 3955 kHz at 1900 UTC and the first Sunday on 9670 kHz at 1200 UTC.

Tentative programs for the next few months:

June – Lead Belly & Lemon Jefferson (Black blues musicians)
July – Texas Music A to Z #1 (Cities)
August – Texas Music A to Z #2 (Artists).

TRSW continues to verify correct, detailed reception reports with a newly designed electronic QSL every month. Reports from listeners — especially from outside Europe — using remote SDRs are welcome. Reports should be sent to [email protected].



Texas Radio Shortwave
Returning to our roots on Channel 292


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