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Radio Deal: Eton Traveler III $35.83 shipped

Amazon has just posted an excellent price for the Eton Grundig Edition Traveller III shortwave portable: $35.83 shipped!  This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for a new Traveller III, which is a very capable little radio! As with any Amazon sale, this could end at any time.

Click here to view on Amazon.com (affiliate link).

Radio Deal: TIVDIO V-115 $19.99 US shipped

I just noticed that the price for the TIVDIO V-115 has been lowered to $19.99 US shipped on Amazon.com.

Click here to read our previous reviews of this radio. At this price, it would make a great stocking stuffer!

Click here to view on Amazon.com (affiliate link)

Anon-Co special offer on the Degen DE1128

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Troy Riedel, who shares the following:

Anon-Co has just placed the Degen 1128 on “special offer” for $46.99 plus $9 shipping to the U.S.

The Degen 1128 is – or was – the Grundig G2 Reporter.  Dave (N9EWO) conducted a great review of the Grundig G2, Degen 1128 & the Degen 1128H.  The G2 had its issues, but the 1128H version is an improved version though still with some quirks.  Dave (N9EWO) only recommends the 1128H version and Anon-Co doesn’t specifically state that their listing is the updated/improved 1128H though their product photo clearly shows “1128” without the H on the radio.  Could this be an old stock photo or a 100% true representation?

If anyone is interested, I’d recommend they first read Dave’s review page – and if potential buyers are still interested – they should contact Anon-Co & ask them to confirm if this is the 1128 or 1128H.  I noticed a few months ago the 1128H was priced $88-$95 direct from China to the USA via Internet retailers & the current delivered eBay price China to the USA is $75.  If the Anon-Co listing is for the 1128H, $55.99 delivered is a good price – though to repeat, confirm with Anon-Co before placing an order.

Click here to view the Degen DE1128 at Anon-Co.

Radio Deal: Tecsun PL-310ET $40.00 shipped via Amazon.com

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Larry W, who writes with the following tip:

Thomas, this isn’t a deep discount, but the Tecsun PL-310ET price has fallen to $40 even on Amazon. It usually floats around $42-43. Price includes shipping. You might wish to post because this is a lot of “bang-for-buck” when it comes to performance. I own two of them. One stays in the glove compartment of my truck, the other in my travel bag (I’m a professional road warrior). They’ve 20 in stock right now. Price can change anytime.

Click here to view on Amazon.com (affiliate link).