SDRplay RSP Holiday Discounts at HRO!

Hat tip to the RTL-SDR Blog for this tip:

Ham Radio Outlet in the USA is currently offering discounted SDRplay products for Black Friday. The discounts are as follows:

These are excellent prices for excellent receivers! If you don’t own an RSP series SDR yet, now would be a good time to pull the trigger!

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One thought on “SDRplay RSP Holiday Discounts at HRO!

  1. Mike N7MSD

    Post Cyber Monday I can confirm HRO has the RSPdx for $215 until the 30th but the others are back up.

    Meanwhile it looks like still has the sale going on (HFD+ $169) but doesn’t give an end date.

    The sales of the RTL-SDR and NooElec dongles are done on Amazon *BUT* the NooElec sale continues on their site and on Amazon the RTL-SDR Version 4 complete dongle kit is showing USA delivery as early as this Friday the 1st at the full $40 price.

    Been wanting to try the V4 for a while but was unobtainium…may get an Airspy too while on sale.



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