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Radio Deal: Herrington discounts Grundig radios 40%

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dennis Dura, who notes that online retailer Herrington is promoting a 40% off sale on all of their Grundig radios.

Some excellent prices here:

Thanks for the tip, Dennis!

Radio Deals: Eton Satellit and Orphan CC Skywave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Chris Frietas, who writes:

Hey Thomas, if anyone is looking for a new Eton Satellit radio… is having a huge sale on new ones. They’re roughly $112-115 US:

Click here to view on eBay.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!  Happy to see RadioWorld still have this sale available! At time of posting, eBay claims they’re 74% sold.

Original CC Skywave

Additionally, I just received an e-flyer from C. Crane.  They’re having an inventory reduction sale which includes some “Orphaned” CC Skywave units.

C. Crane orphaned radios are typically open box units that have been checked over carefully by C. Crane technicians and carry a full warranty. I’ve purchased their orphaned products in the past and would hesitate to jump on this deal if I didn’t already have the original CC Skywave.

Click here to view at C. Crane.

Radio Deal: Grundig/Eton Traveller III $35 at Fry’s

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ivan Cholakov (NO2CW), who comments:

Just FYI US retailer Fry’s has the Grundig Traveler III for $35 ending Dec 23rd.

Click here to view at

Thanks for the tip, Ivan!  This may require a store pickup as online shipping doesn’t appear to be an option.

Also, the photo on Fry’s shows the Executive version of the Traveller III with case–the UPC number, however, indicates this is the original black chassis version of the Traveller III. There is no difference in performance–I note this only because the image is a little misleading.

Still, $35 is a great price for the Traveller III!

Radio Deal: Eton Field BT $89.99 shipped

Amazon just posted an impromptu sale on the Eton Field BT–the lowest price I’ve ever seen for for a new unit: $89.99 shipped!  If you’ve been considering the Eton Field BT, you might pull the trigger now as  Amazon sales can change at any time.

Click here to view on (affiliate link)

Click here to read Troy’s review of the Field BT and comparison with the Tecsun S-8800.

Radio Deal: Eton Satellit via RadioWorld Canada

SWLing Post contributors, Golan and DanH, have both reminded me in comments that RadioWorld Canada has a fantastic price on the excellent Eton Satellit (the original, non-executive version).

If you live in Canada, or better yet the GTA, you should purchase directly from RadioWorld Canada on their website or in their store–only $99.99 CDN! Click here to view the product page at RadioWorld.

As DanH notes, if you live in the USA, you can also take advantage of this sale via eBay:

The price is approximately $108 US with free shipping via UPS–a fantastic value.

Click here to view this deal on eBay.

As Oxford Shortwave noted earlier today, the “brilliant” Eton Satellit is his “mainstay travel receiver.” He chooses the Satellit over other receivers in his arsenal for tropical DXing.

If you’ve been considering a Satellit, bite the bullet while RadioWorld still has stock!