Spitfire AM/Mediumwave Transmitter on sale via eBay

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ron, who notes that the Spitfire AM transmitter is on sale (GBP 71.95 or approx. $91 US) via the manufacturer’s eBay store for the next three days. Ron notes:

Tony has solved the hum problem that plagues AM part 15 transmitters.
This model comes ready to go, just hook it up. It meets all Part 15 requirements.
Enjoy listening to the 1940’s radio station (for example) on your own AM station.
Comes set up for 1600 kHz but Tony will tune it to whatever you
want or you can adjust the dip switch yourself.
Has a built in stereo to mono converter and full sound range audio.
Hurry, the Sale ends soon.

Click here to check out the Spitfire AM transmitter on eBay.

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10 thoughts on “Spitfire AM/Mediumwave Transmitter on sale via eBay

  1. Walter Salmaniw

    Speaking of talking homes, two stories come to mind. Once during a Grayland, WA DXpedition with all the big name DXers present, I heard something very faintly on 1610 kHz (I think). I listened for a good long time, and having others listen, we figured it had to be a talking home, somewhere in our area. Off we went searching Grayland, and finally found an empty trailer home with a small sign in the window indicating the frequency to tune to. We all had a good laugh over that one. It was about 5 miles or so from our QTH.
    Story 2. I was DXing from home in Victoria and likewise heard a talking home one afternoon. After carefully listening to the loop over and over, I was able to decipher a phone number of the realtor. I called and she confirmed that it was her listing. The home was again, perhaps 5 miles away up on a hilltop. Again, I was thrilled to hear it. No QSLs from either, though!

    1. rtc

      BTW Tony makes a “deluxe” version of the Spitfire called the Hurricane (think WW2 RAF
      It uses the Spitfire tx and power supply but features front panel freq. readout and
      adjustment plus some other features.
      You can also order it with the Bluetooth option so it can be controlled remotely.
      It is also on sale for a few more days:


      1. Hank

        The deluxe model does go to 520 kHz:

        Benchtop instruments are wonderful,
        and multi-split co-ax from one antenna to multiple radios has merits,
        but this transmitter placed a few miles away might be an even better way to compare DX radios

        All Models EU and US
        Easy setup, using the built in Menu and OLED display.
        Frequency range 520kHz to 1730kHz (Medium Wave)
        Frequency default to 1600kHz / US or 1440kHz / EU
        Channel spacing default 10kHz / US or 9kHz / EU
        Power Output: LPAM 100mw
        Built in
        Audio VU meter
        Modulation monitor
        Antenna Voltage meter
        Audio connector: 3.5mm Jack Socket
        Audio input: Mono or Stereo signal
        High quality modulation depth and linearity.
        Compliant with FCC Part 15 rules. (US Only)
        Crystal controlled Digital Frequency Synthesizer.
        RISC-based Microcontroller.
        Frequency range 1800kHz to 2000kHz (160M)
        External 115/230 volt regulated 15 Volts DC supply.
        Correct country specific power plug, US, UK, EU and OZ.
        Power connector: 2.1mm coaxial (tip positive)
        External Ground Connections
        Antenna connector: RCA Phono or BNC
        Standard 3 meter (9 foot) wire antenna.
        Audio Cable 3.5mm Male to Male Jack plug.
        Fully Built and Tested: High Quality PCB, Plastic CASE to IP56

      2. frans

        Thanks RTC for mentioning this! It was in time for me to cancel yesterday’s order for the Spitfire and order the Hurricane instead. I got in touch with the seller and he assisted in this upgrade of my order.

  2. Don Hall

    This is a good unit, and the manufacturer is great to work with. I was happy with mine and used it 24/7 until the computer I was using for an audio source blew up. No problems mounting it outdoors; it held up to some pretty intense storms (by California standards…YMMV).

  3. Frans

    Thanks! I ordered one.

    I have two but one is a home built thing by a person unknown to me and it is a bit rickety but built into a nice little old metal locked box that people used to keep money in and the other is an Alibaba thing with very little range and no case. So this will be an easy replacement.

    1. Rich

      Yes, it will go down to 450 kHz and up to about 2240 kHz. I have one and it works really well though I’ve never tried it much above 1700 kHz.

      Rich, WD3C

  4. Mario Filippi

    Great post Tony, these come in handy for piping your favorite music inside the house or back yard. When I worked at the county health department I’d set these up outdoors at public flu clinics so that those attending could tune their car radios to a designated frequency to get important information about the clinic. You’re limited to an antenna length of no more than nine feet which includes the feedline.

    Years ago real estate companies used a similar product called a “Talking House” which were set up at homes for sale so that those driving by could tune their car radios and listen to details about the property.

    Thanks Thomas for posting.


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