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Can you help Carlos ID this station on 530 kHz?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Carlos Latuff, who recently shared a video clip of a Spanish language station he received in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Carlos is curious if it could possibly be Rádio Rebelde in Cuba. He said he received this station early in the morning (local) on Sunday, April 26:

If you can help Carlos ID this station, please comment!

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Carlos seeks help identifying signals

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Carlos Latuff, who writes:

Attached are two different recordings.
Both made in South Brazil.

– Florianópolis, 26/11/2019, 19h13 (Brasilia time) 12015 kHz

– Porto Alegre, 12/12/2019, 20h11 (Brasilia time) 7455 kHz

Searching on the Web I found these two frequencies related to US Navy NATO RTTY station STANAG 4481:

Are you able to confirm this?

Thanks for your inquiry, Carlos! Unfortunately, I cannot confirm this. If your radio had been in SSB mode, it would have made the RTTY pop out and we could have perhaps confirmed at least the RTTY mode with FLDIGI. I’m hoping a savvy SWLing Post reader can help you ID these transmissions. Please comment!

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Carlos questions possible Radio Denge Welat jamming

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Carlos Latuff, who writes:

Greetings from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Yesterday I listened something unusual.

On the shortwave band of 11.520 kHz, 11.525 kHz and then 11.530 kHz, this last the frequency of Kurdish Radio Denge Welat, it was broadcasting military songs from the times of the Ottoman Empire something [typically associated with] the Turkish far-right. It happened yesterday [September 26, 2019] at 19h09 UTC. I made a video clip of this transmission:

Click here to view on YouTube.

So, if Turkish patriotic/military songs were broadcast on the same frequency of a Kurdish radio, could we assume that this is a kind of jamming from Turkey, like China do with U.S. govt “Free Asia” radio, broadcasting Chinese music on the same frequency?

Are you familiar with this kind of jamming coming from Turkey?

Please comment if you can shed some light on Carlos’ request.

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