Listening In Brazil ZP-30 Radio Station, “The Voice Of Paraguayan Chaco”, AM 610 kHz.

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Carlos Latuff, who shares the following guest post:

Listening In Brazil ZP-30 Radio Station, “The Voice Of Paraguayan Chaco”, AM 610 kHz.

by Carlos Latuff

The first time I tuned on to ZP30 “The Voice of Paraguayan Chaco”, a Christian radio station from Paraguay, was during tests with Innova KV-12002. It was 7 p.m. Brasilia time, and when I turned on the receiver, I came across a medium-wave broadcast with an announcer speaking in German. This surprised me because the medium-wave stations I usually receive at night in Porto Alegre, Brazil, are from Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and none typically broadcast in a language other than Spanish.

I listened to the news bulletin, entirely in German, and throughout the transmission, I noticed the word “Paraguay” mentioned a few times. I concluded that it must be a Paraguayan radio station broadcasting in German. A quick Google search for radio stations in Paraguay broadcasting in German led me to ZP-30. I found their website, tuned in to the streaming audio, and confirmed I was listening to the same station on my radio.

Check out the ZP-30 website here:

At that moment I recorded a video of the radio station playing German songs. I wanted the news bulletin, but I found it quite difficult, either due to problems with propagation, other kinds of interference, or due to a station that operates on the same frequency and that sometimes overpowers the Paraguayan broadcaster.

It took me almost a week to record the news bulletin with decent audio quality, using a ferrite rod AM antenna and my good ol’ XHDATA D-808 receiver.

This station, in addition to German and Spanish, broadcasts news and Christian preaching in languages ??spoken by indigenous communities from the Chaco region in Paraguay.

In Brazil, there was a migration of AM stations to FM, which left the medium-wave spectrum vacant. I believe that, from now on, it will be possible to listen to stations that I had never heard before. Stay tuned!

Some Christian preaching in German:

(Attached a video I made of ZP-30 radio station broadcasting news in German. Porto Alegre, June 4, 2024)

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5 thoughts on “Listening In Brazil ZP-30 Radio Station, “The Voice Of Paraguayan Chaco”, AM 610 kHz.

  1. Harald DL1AX

    Tuesdays to saturdays from 2000 UTC a news program in German coming from ZP30 La Voz del Chaco Paraguayo is relayed via HCJB Germany (Weenermoor) on shortwave 3995 kHz AM. May be also on 5920 kHz AM and 7365 kHz AM.

    Harald DL1AX


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