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KSKO 89.5 McGrath, Alaska LIVE Request Show On WRMI Shortwave THIS WEEK!

Join me, Paul Walker, on WRMI Shortwave for “The LIVE Friday Night Request Show Dance Party Thingy” being relayed from NPR/community radio station KSKO 89.5 McGrath, Alaska.

It’ll take place Saturday July 10th 0300-0500UTC on 7780kHz to the east coast US and Western Europe, 7730kHz to the west coast US, Canada along with Hawaii, and the South Pacific (NZ, Aus, etc) and 4980kHz to the Caribbean and South America.

I’ll be taking phone calls with requests with a number given out during the show as it’s truly
LIVE. No station money was spent for this, It’s coming out of my pocket just to have something different up on shortwave for a few hours.

The music during the show could be ANYTHING from any genre and any year. It’s a combination of what *I* want to hear and what listeners request. I’ve had Judas Priest, Garth Brooks and Weird Al Yankovic back to back to back during the Friday night show before because they were all request in that order by 3 different listeners.

A note:  5850kHz/7570kHz is beamed towards Vancouver, 7330kHZ is beamed towards the US/Mexico border according to Jeff white which affords 7730 better coverage of the Pacific Ocean region countries than 5850 or 7570.

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Free Radio Skybird on July 4, 2021

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Pete Madtone, who shares the following announcement:

This Sunday 4th July 2021 Free Radio Skybird is being beamed out of the WRMI transmitter from Miami on 9395 kHz at 2300 utc (12 midnight UK time). Expect some free radio goodness from DJ Frederick and the Free Radio Skybird crew. Tune in here on Sunday if you’ve no shortwave radio.

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Four weeks of Comb Stereo tests via WRMI!

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, TomL, who has put together a four week series of Comb Stereo tests that will be aired on WRMI. Here’s the full announcement:

Starting this Saturday June 5 at 01:45-02:00 UTC (Friday 9:45pm EDT), I will be conducting a four-week series of tests using Comb Stereo. The broadcast will be aired on WRMI on 5850 kHz and will only be 15 minutes long. It will feature two minutes of “CNN” news by a computerized voice (sorry, I am doing this on-the-cheap!). Then, what follows is about 12.5 minutes of music encoded with Comb Stereo.

For you, the listener, to hear the Comb Stereo, you will need to record the broadcast to your digital recorder or SDR software and then play it back through your Windows PC using the instructions at the bottom of this announcement. I welcome feedback regarding such things as, 1 – I heard the broadcast and recorded it, 2 – I tried to setup my Windows PC but could not get the CSDecoder and Virtual Audio Cable to work, 3 – I got those things to work and opinions about what the stereo sounded like.

To repeat, you will not hear stereo unless you send your recorded audio file through the CSDecoder.

Do not expect FM Broadcast quality since Comb Stereo is a rudimentary form of creating two-channel sound. For instance, you may hear the stereo separation waiver a bit, or the sound stage image may wander, or a slight hollow sound at times. Sure, OK, but this is also a chance to hear stereo from a shortwave broadcast. So let me know your thoughts by sending feedback to info@radiogumtree.com and I will tally up the results and post the findings here on the SWLing Post Blog.

Many thanks to Daz and Roseanna at Radio Northern Europe International for making the Comb Stereo available and to WRMI for the use of their transmitter.


P.S., please don’t mind the look of the web site at www.radiogumtree.com, it is still under repair and the web hosting company has to fix something or I end up replacing them!

RadioGumTree.com is a personal, eclectic look at Radio, Music, the Universe, and Beyond. For feedback or questions, please write to info@radiogumtree.com. For program notes, please visit the Blog section of radiogumtree.com for more details.

The broadcast itself will not be archived on my web site due to copyright concerns.

For Radio episodes that are encoded in Comb Stereo, go to this web site for instructions on how to install the Comb Stereo decoder: https://rnei.org/stereo/

For an example of a guided user install of CSdecoder and the needed Virtual Audio Cable on your Windows PC, go to this blog post: https://swling.com/blog/2021/05/guest-post-listening-to-comb-stereo-on-shortwave/

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KSKO’s Virtual Dance Party Moved to next week

If you missed hearing the Virtual Dance party by Paul Walker at KSKO which was scheduled to air this morning between 0300-0500 UTC, you weren’t alone.

I scheduled a notification to announcing that the date had to be moved due to a schedule conflict at KSKO, but I had the date incorrectly entered in the notice so it didn’t publish. Apologies to Paul and anyone who tried to tune in.

The Virtual Dance Party will be held on Saturday, March 27th 2021 from 0300 to 0500 UTC on 7570 kHz for the west coast and 7780 kHz for the east coast.

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KSKO Christmas Special via WRMI Dec 24, 2020 starting at 2300UTC

I’ve just heard from SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who now works at KSKO in McGrath, Alaska. He’s paid to broadcast KSKO 89.5’s special 2 hour all-Christmas music show on shortwave via WRMI’s 100,000 Watt 5950 kHz transmitter in Okechobee, Florida. The broadcast will take place from 2300 UTC on Thurs. Dec 24th to 0100UTC Fri. Dec. 25th (6-8PM EST). Paul mentioned that he’s doing this for fun and to share a little Christmas cheer from Alaska.

Thanks, Paul, and Merry Christmas!

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Radio Northern Europe International Show 9

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Roseanna, with Radio Northern Europe International who shares the following announcement:

Radio Northern Europe International Show 9 announcement

Hei all,

It’s our pleasure to announce RNEI #9 to you!

RNEI 9’s music features:

  • An artist introduction to a brand new group from the Faeroe Islands with their first song announced by Heidrik from the band
  • A candidate for Denmark’s Eurovision from 2020
  • A catchy Swedish song I really like at the moment
  • The return of Evelina and Zupermaria
  • Some traditional Icelandic and Samí music I think a lot of you will like
  • A Norwegian song from the 1970s that I recently discovered with a beep but no boops
  • Our first Estonian song to start of the dance segment
  • Fading into a Danish dance song to end off the show

RNEI 9’s digital experiments on Shortwave:

  • Easypal QAM16 7zip file transfer (of a website!) embedded into our interval signal
  • A few hidden experiments (Running JS8Call nearer the end isn’t a bad idea ? )
  • DominoEX22 embedded in the final song

Please note: On WRMI the broadcasts are 30 seconds shorter necessitating a shorter interval signal and therefore a shorter Easypal segment than the Channel 292 and Onda broadcasts. Expect potential changes e.g. QAM64 or lesser error correction modes. The version sent to World FM, Unique Radio and later On-Demand will be the “HQ” version, meaning it doesn’t have the Easypal (because it sounds nasty) nor does it use the Comb Stereo system.

TIAEMS for this month is really good complete with MFSK data and lots of great music!

As promised the Saturday 6070 kHz broadcast will be the first one on shortwave carrying the new show!

Our schedule is available here: https://rnei.org/listen/

QSLs are running massively behind schedule, we are very sorry, show first, website second and QSLs third at the moment making very little time to reply to them. We have got some ideas to speed up the process soon though!

Sending you all good wishes and hoping you can listen and enjoy the show,

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