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From mountains and libraries, music connects us all

Hi all, Fastradioburst23 here letting you know about a couple of transmissions on the shortwaves this Sunday 16th July 2023. The first show will be KNTS (Kearsarge North Transmission Service) from the Imaginary stations crew beamed to Europe via the services of Shortwave Gold in Germany at 2000 utc on 6160 khz. Expect lots of shortwave and ham related sounds and a couple of instrumentals containing CW.

Then later at 2200 hrs UTC on 9395 kHz the great Shortwave Music Library returns via WRMI. DJ Frederick digs through his across the board record collection taking a few requests, pulling out some tunes and giving them an airing over the shortwaves. Sit back and relax as it’s Shortwave Music Library time again! For more information on the shows email Imaginarystations (at) gmail (dot) com

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Dub and trumpets

Hi all SWLing post readers. This weekend on Imaginary Stations via WRMI will be a KDUB v Radio Clarion special. We’ll be playing some dub, some trumpets and maybe some dub with trumpets. The transmission will be on air on 9395 kHz from 2200 UTC on Sunday 9th July 2023. First-time listeners are also more than welcome to send reception reports to [email protected]
Tune in for some blazing horns! Fastradioburst23 

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July 2023 Broadcast Schedule for VORW Radio International!

Hello shortwave listeners! With a new month just around the corner, I wanted to provide an up to date broadcast schedule for my transmissions to North America.

This radio program is 1 Hour in length and features miscellaneous discussion (sometimes about current events, other times about random subjects on my mind) at the start of the program and is then balanced out with listener requested music. I hope for it to be an enjoyable light entertainment program with good music and discussion!

There are two new shows each week, along with various repeat airings for listeners who might not be able to catch the new shows as they first air.

Main Broadcasts:

Saturday 0600 UTC (2 AM Eastern / 1 AM Central) – 4840 kHz – WWCR 100 kW – North America

Monday 0400 UTC (12 AM Eastern / 11 PM Central Sunday Evening) – 4840 kHz – WWCR 100 kW – North America

Repeat Airings:

Tuesday 2000 UTC (4 PM Eastern / 3 PM Central) – 15770 kHz – WRMI 100 kW – Eastern North America

Thursday 1600 UTC (12 PM Eastern / 11 AM Central) – 15770 kHz – WRMI 100 kW – Eastern North America

Friday 2100 UTC (5 PM Eastern / 4 PM Central) – 9955 kHz – WRMI 100 kW – South America

Saturday 0700 UTC (3 AM Eastern / 2 AM Central) – 1300 kHz – WNQM 5 kW – Tennessee

Saturday 2200 UTC (6 PM Eastern / 5 PM Central) – 6115 kHz – WWCR 100 kW – Noth America

Saturday 2300 UTC (7 PM Eastern / 6 PM Central) – 5950 kHz – WRMI 100 kW – North America

Sunday 0100 UTC (9 PM Eastern / 8 PM Central) – 1490 kHz – WITA 1 kW – Knoxville, Tennessee

Monday 0000 UTC (8 PM Eastern / 7 PM Central) – 5950 kHz – WRMI 100 kW – North America

Listener reception feedback & reception reports are much appreciated at [email protected]

Happy Listening!

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93-95 was my number

Hi all the SWLing post community. All stops will be pulled out again this weekend with the broadcast of TOOTS vs WELK in a 2023 style via WRMI. This Imaginary stations episode will be a showdown of music from Toots Thielemans in the left hand studio and the great Lawrence Welk in the right. The transmission will be on air on 9395 kHz from 2200 utc on Sunday 2nd July 2023. Tune in for an encounter with 2 musical greats. Fastradioburst23 

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Underground Sounds Worldwide: A New Shortwave Music Program Broadcasting on WRMI

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Kelsie, who writes:

Hi Thomas,

We have just launched a new bi-weekly music show on WRMI. Underground Sounds will be playing the freshest tracks by new and established independent artists from all around the world, together with the latest music news, exclusive performances, and interviews. The first show went out on June 25th, with the next due to go out on Sunday July 9th, with new shows occurring every other Sunday at 2100 UTC on 15770 kHz.


DJ KEL / Underground Sounds Worldwide
15770 kHz WRMI Radio Miami International

Thank you, Kelsie! We look forward to tuning in Underground Sounds! I’m putting you in my listening schedule.

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The ionosphere will be groovin’ along with WHPY 2

Hi SWLing post readers! Fastradioburst23 here to let you know that we’ll be bringing part two of hippie/hippy special WHPY this Sunday 25th June 2023 at 2200 hrs UTC on the Imaginary Stations show on 9395 kHz via WRMI. Take a trip & never leave the radio and groove along to the far out sounds of WHPY 2.

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Good vibes via the ionosphere with WHPY

Good day SWLing post readers! Fastradioburst23 here to let you know about this Sunday’s Imaginary Station episode at 2200 hrs UTC on 9395 kHz on the 18th June 2023 via WRMI. We’ll be broadcasting a special programme live from the Skybird mobile studio van parked up in a car park in the hippy haven of Woodstock.

So please don your best 1970’s long afghan coat, grab something to drink if there is anything still left in the communal fridge and play your imaginary recorder or shake a home made tambourine along to the far out sounds of WHPY. Prepare to be transported back in time in a hippie/hippy wagon of your choice.

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