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KSOL via WRMI on Sunday, May 16, 2021

(Source: Pete Madtone)

From the great WRMI we have another transmission from KSOL – The alternative dimension/universe edition this Sunday/Monday 16th/17th May on 9395 kHz. When the clock strikes 2300 UTC or Midnight UK time expect some chilled tunes including a mini-mix from One Deck Pete at 40 minutes in.

As soon as the transmission is over it’ll be up on the KMTS Mixcloud here. And here’s KSOL from last week whilst we’re there. #shortwavesnotdead #KMTS #KTMS #KDUB #KMRT

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Radio Emma Toc World Service: May 2021 Schedule Summary

Man thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Jim Salmon (2E0RMI), for sharing the following:


Programme Contents –  Solar powered radios in South Sudan & Radio Miraya / interview with Martin Kirby from ‘The Flash’ / hellos to listeners / the Voice of Peace

Ways to listen…   Radio Emma Toc World Service – programme no. 13 – May 2021

You can listen online –  – visit the ‘World Service’ page.

You can listen to our shortwave or MW or FM broadcasts via our relay partners as follows:

Happy listening! If you are outside the transmitter coverage areas, why not listen via the broadcasters’ online services. Website details for the above stations are listed on our own website

If you don’t have access to receivers & aerials you can try using an online SDR receiver – – experience the enjoyment of tuning around shortwave from worldwide locations online.

We are happy to issue eQSLs for reception reports sent to – – & will gladly include for online reports. If using an online SDR, please give us the SDR location.

If any stations wish to relay our programme a download link is available on our website. Please advise us of times & dates so we can publicise in our schedule.

Thank you!

Jim Salmon  –  Radio Emma Toc

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Radio Lavalamp and KSOL broadcasts in May 2021

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Pete Madtone, who shares the following:

They say you better listen to the voice of reason

[…]Radio Lavalamp will be taking to the shortwaves very soon, as in this Sunday 2nd May 2021 at 2300 UTC (Midnight UK time) on 9395 kHz via WRMI. The show features some chilled tunes and also a mix from One Deck Pete called “The Purple Nucleus of Creation 004” with tracks from Floating Points, London Symphony Orchestra and Pharoah Sanders, Betelgeize ft. Ilya Chistyakov, Tranquility Bass and Hrair. Turn on and tune in.

And on the weekend after (and the one after that) KSOL is back in orbit in a “Satellite of Love” mode. It’ll be broadcast out of Germany via Channel 292 at 2200 UTC (11pm UK time) on 3955 kHz on Saturday the 8th and 15th May 2021.

And in keeping with the radio theme here’s a song about CW (Morse Code) by the great Ivor Cutler that was heard on BBC Radio 4’s Great Lives programme this afternoon.

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Radio Northern Europe International Show #16

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Roseanna, with Radio Northern Europe International who shares the following announcement:

Hei alle,

While the Norwegians are getting into Påskekrim (Easter Crime), the Swedish and Finnish kids are dressing up as Easter Witches and the Danes are making their Gækkebreve (Teaser Letters), we’ve created a jam-packed show for you this month with more guest spots, lots of great music and we have worked with Karl from to bring you a song of the month!

For ease we’ve split the broadcasts into 3 versions;
• WRMI & On-Demand Version: RNEI 16 + RNEIxtra Mammas Mest Metal + Stephen’s feature + HamDRM.
• Channel 292 & Radio Onda version: RNEI 16 + HamDRM + This is an Express Music Show.
• World FM & Unique Radio version: RNEI 16 only.

RNEI #16 includes great music including:
• A new duo from Iceland who don’t want to be forgotten.
• Ku?ka’s & Four Night’s Latest.
• A great Danish song from Nana Jacobi.
• UNDER’s gorgeous chill-house remix of a famous Swedish song.
• A joik from Sweden’s Got Tallent’s winner Jon Henrik Fjällgren.
• Finland’s Heroines will be singing about their Rules.
• will be picking their song of the month for us to feature.
• The opening song to Mammas Mest Metal with the playlist encoded in MFSK 64 during.

A new RNEIxtra segment called Mammas Mest Metal is going to air for the first time this month on WRMI featuring a selection of Metal, Post Metal, Viking and Post-Prog Metal songs!

Afterward we’ll head over to Stephen to hear music from some sisters who sing in Welsh and Cornish, their music is beautiful!

Lastly We have a HamDRM data segment coded by Daz featuring a self rendering animation and our playlist. You can download an early alpha copy of Daz’s decoder, EasyDRF, here. Other options for HamDRM are: EasyPal & WinDRM on Windows and QSSTV &TRXAMADRM on Linux.

We are trialling some new beams this month to Asia and Africa!

Keep an eye on our announcements for extra broadcasts!

If you miss the show you can always catch up on demand and, if you prefer to only hear our music, we have Spotify Playlists of each show usually published after the first broadcast!

Happy Easter / God påske,

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KSKO’s “Virtual Dance Party Request Party Thingy” via WRMI

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who shares the following announcement:

Tune into WRMI for “The LIVE Friday Night Virtual Dance Party Request Party Thingy” from community station 89.5 KSKO McGrath, Alaska.

The broadcast will take place on Saturday, March 20th 2021 from 0300 to 0500 UTC on 7570 kHz for the west coast and 7780 kHz for the east coast. KSKO Program Director Paul Walker is going to be hosting the show and WILL take requests by phone at (907) 524-3001 DURING the show!

It’ll be all kinds of music from the 60s to today from all genres, so there’s probably going to be something for everyone. Paul says, “I’m funding the WRMI airtime costs from my own personal pocket, not the stations bank account. I’m doing it just because, for fun.. because I can.. because why not?”

Thanks, Paul! I’ll certainly tune in and perhaps even call in!

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