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RNEIxtra Japanese Show Special: June 2nd & 5th, 2022

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Roseanna, with Radio Northern Europe International who shares the following announcement:

RNEIxtra Japanese Show Special Announcement

Hei alle sammen,

The first week of June is a special week at RNEI: It’s a 5th show week!
This means that there are 5 broadcasts before the next RNEI show airs on 6070KHz, (Channel 292).

During this “5th week” we like to create something special and outside of our usual remit.
For the first week of February, we had an EasyDRF demonstration from Daz followed by the normal shows from Mamma and Stephen. This time the special before Mamma and Stephen is of Japanese music from Rose! Without any further ado, here is the announcement:

While there might be a blue light in Yokohama, this Japanese special has unlocked a green light to be on RNEI’s 5th week broadcast!

I thought about writing a normal-style announcement post.. but that felt predictable like small talk about the weather. Instead I’ve included hints only a dimension hacker could crack as to the songs I am playing this show.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Japanese music recently.. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned before but I’ve always had a liking for Japanese music. I remember listening to J-pop at train stations and I remember one summer’s day hearing Sentimental Journey on NHK in 2021 which got me back into listening to J-Pop! I feel my love of Japanese pop will probably last until the day after eternity!

Anyways, that’s enough of me rambling on, time to give you the broadcast dates and times!

RNEI WRMI Map for RNEIXtra Japanese Show

Day of Month Time Frequency Az
01:00 UTC 5850KHz 315°
01:00 UTC 7730KHz 44°
13:00 UTC 15770KHz 44°
5010KHz 181°
Click the ° to see details. More information at

I hope you enjoy my little selection of Japanese music and I hope you also enjoy the new RNEI show that airs soon!

This show will not be made available on-demand so you only have these 3 chances to hear it!

Until next time,

Click here to read this announcement at RNEI.

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CBS features WRMI’s Ukraine war news over shortwave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Kim Elliott, who shares the following report from CBS Weekend News:

Florida residents broadcast Ukraine war news to Russian citizens (CBS Weekend News)

A farm in central Florida has become one of the largest shortwave radio operations in the world. Using Cold War era radio technology called shortwave, Jeff White and his team are broadcasting unbiased information on the status of the Russian war on Ukraine to listeners in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Miguel Amaya has more.

Click here to watch on YouTube.

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A trip to the KZOO

Hi SWLing Post community, Fastradioburst23 here letting you know about a transmission of  KZOO, another installment of the imaginary radio stations show to be broadcast this weekend via the good folks at WRMI.

It’s on Sunday 22nd May 2022 at 2200 UTC/ 1800 EST on 9395 kHz and will feature music using those strange and wonderful instruments that your music teacher didn’t encourage you to play. After the broadcast it will appear on the KMTS mixcloud here.

Enjoy the show and in the words of KZOO “It may not sound like shortwave radio” but it certainly is!

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Skybird takes to the skies again

Hi all, this is Fastradioburst23 calling the SWLing Post community to let you know of the return of Free Radio Skybird with their Spring 2022 broadcast on shortwave this weekend.

This Sunday 15th May 2022 Free Radio Skybird is being beamed out of the WRMI transmitter from Miami on 9395 kHz at 1800 EST/2200 UTC. Expect some free radio goodness from DJ Frederick. Nice flyer by the way!

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DXer’s Diary on KTWR

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Arun Kumar Narasimhan, who writes:

Dear Friends and fellow Dxers,

I am Arun Kumar Narasimhan, the Producer and Presenter of DXERS DIARY programme in KTWR. An update about the programme, the 5-minute programme is broadcast every Sunday from 10.26 hrs UTC in 15200 khz DRM Mode. I provide QSL cards to all those who send me their reception reports. The reception reports, band scans and listeners logs can be emailed to This programme has been on air from January 6, 2021.

Many thanks for the announcement, Arun!

Click here to learn more about DXer’s Diary.

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Diving into the KBIN again

Hi SWLing Post community, this is Fastradioburst23 calling to let you know of another opportunity to dive into the KBIN.

Our next bargain transmission of quality recycled radio is on Sunday 8th May 2022 at 1800 EST/2200 UTC on 9395 kHz via WRMI. Expect some great value for money as usual with free sample packs from KSOL and KDUB for the first thirty listeners through the shortwave supermarket doors*.

*Offer valid while stocks last. Usual terms and conditions apply.

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LRA 36 Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel: First broadcast of 2022 on May 7

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adrian Korol, who shares the following announcement from LRA 36:This year the radio team is all female–the host, producer and technicians are all women: Romina Zabalza, Mariela Churquina, Claudia Albarracín, and María Eugenia Rodríguez.

LRA 36 Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, Base Conjunta Esperanza (Antarctic) Season 2022.


SATURDAY MAY 7, 2022 AT 15:00 UTC ON 15.476 KHZ USB


Thank you so much for sharing this, Adrian! LRA 36 is one of my favorite stations to DX!

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