Chuck Rippel’s GE Superadio Repair and Recapping Service

If you own a GE Superadio I or Superadio II and you would like an expert to restore and/or replace the capacitors, you’re in luck!

Chuck Rippel (K8HU) has announced that he will start repairing and restoring GE Superadios for anyone interested. In the past, he’s done this on a case-by-case basis when time allowed, but he has stocked up on top-shelf components and cleared off his workbench to bring Superadios back to life.

I can confirm that his work is superb. You might recall this post and video showing just how impressive his re-capped and restored Superadios perform. My restored Superadio held its own when compared with my Panasonic RF-2200 and even outperformed it in some respects. Click here to read that post.

Chuck asks that you contact him via email if you would like your Superadio recapped or repaired.

You can reach Chuck at:

A note about the Superadio III

As mentioned above, Chuck only works on the SRI and SRII models.

Chuck notes that the issue with repairing SRIIIs is: “[working with] the tuning mechanism and putting it back together so it works and the dial is in reasonable calibration. If the dial cord comes off, it’s terrible to tray and re-install so, I stay away from model III’s.

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7 thoughts on “Chuck Rippel’s GE Superadio Repair and Recapping Service

  1. Tom

    Mr. Rippel took my GE SR2 and literally turned it into a near-mint radio. Switch rebuilding and cleaning, capacitor replacements, power switch replacement, speaker replaced, all old parts were returned to me, and the entire unit completely detailed out.
    I highly recommend his service.

  2. Wm Fusfield

    Do they also do Sony icf2010 mods. I’ve had almost every SW radio made in the last 50 years, and the Sony outperforms every one of them up to the Drake R8b. MW reception on the stock 2010 is however marred by the use of an RF filter that is too wide to keep out interfence from the adjacent channel. If you are into MXL or MXDXing you will need to switch out the stock filter for something narrower like a Kiwa.

  3. JOe Schierer

    It is great that this service is now available. Out of curiosity, does the newer C Crane EP Pro /CCRadio IIe / CCRadio III outperform the Ge Superadios, or are the Superadios still superior in some way? I also gather that Chuck is using top notch components, so perhaps after his repairs, the radios are now Super – Superadios?

  4. Peat

    This is good news! It’s a shame Chuck only works on 1’s & 2’s. I have a very good example of the SR 3 and I’d love to see what he could do with it. Perhaps I should look for a decent SR 2 on eBay.

  5. Tom G. ABQ

    Chuck did his magic on my GE-SR2 in December 2021 after reading about his service offering on The SWLing Report. I always thought my stock radio performed very well especially on AM. Chuck took it to the next level. He gave it a good alignment and the cap upgrade really made the audio come alive.

    My advice is, “Just Do It.”


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