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WRTH 2018 available to order

(Source: WRTH Facebook group via Sean Gilbert)

It’s here!!

WRTH 2018 has been published and is available to order from www.wrth.com or your usual supplier.

Orders direct to our website will usually be dispatched the same day, or the first business day after (if ordering at the weekend or after business hours).
Other publications or internet resources may give you the broadcast schedules – but that is about it.

We give you the schedules and so much more. We have full contact details for each station; Station Identifications, as used on air; opening and closing melodies; transmitter details; verification methods and more. Add to that reviews of receivers, antennas and radio related accessories; articles from around the world capturing some of the little known services as well as the big, international broadcasters. Visit the website for the full story, sample pages and details of other products we offer.

Click here to visit WRTH online.

Alan Roe’s B17 season guide to music on shortwave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Alan Roe, who notes:

I have now compiled my Music on Shortwave listing for B17. Extracts listing music programmes in English language transmissions have been listed in BDXC-UK Communication and in NASWA Journal. I now attach a consolidated version listing a selection of music programmes in a variety of language transmissions. If of interest, please go ahead and post it on your excellent SWLing site.

Alan, thanks so much for keeping this excellent guide updated each broadcast season and for sharing it here with the community! When people claim that there’s nothing to listen to on shortwave, I often send them a link to your excellent guide!

Click here to download Alan Roe’s B17 Shortwave Music Guide (PDF).

Dan’s QSL signed by Miki Gurdus

Regarding our recent post about Miki Gurdus, SWLing Post contributor Dan Robinson, writes:

Went through my books and found it, the Gurdus handwritten note to me. It appears to have been during a visit he made to Washington, likely in the period I was in college 1975-1979 but could have been later during the 80’s or 90’s.

It reads: “To Dan — In Memory of a joyful day in Washington. Michael Gurdus.”

Amazing! Thank you for sharing your memories, Dan.

The thrill of the hunt even knowing there is no “perfect” radio

Though I own a number of portables that have better performance specs and ergonomics, I still gravitate to my ICF-SW7600GR.

Most recently, I received correspondence from Golan Klinger who has been bitten by the radio bug (he calls it “radioitis”). He has been acquiring portables and comparing them, seeking his favorite overall.

Golan had an epiphany he recently shared with me:

Thomas, in your “Mega Review” [summarizing your radio preferences] you wrote:

But this is my personal choice; you might have a completely different answer. I guess that’s the point I made earlier–it all depends on the listener.”

Of all the valuable advice I’ve gleaned from your website, that might be the most important.

Every radio seems to have its own personality and one can read and watch all the reviews in the world but there’s no substitute for sitting down and actually listening to a radio.

I just had an epiphany — there can be no perfect radio and even if there were, finding it wouldn’t be half as much fun as the search for it.

That’s why everyone has multiple radios and when asked which is their favourite they lean back and say, “Well…”

What a wonderful hobby this is turning out to be!

You nailed it, Golan.

Indeed, with most every review I post I receive both praise and criticism later from readers. To some, sensitivity is everything–to others, it’s audio fidelity. Some listeners seek optimal reception on particular bands: longwave, mediumwave, the 31 meter band, FM, etc. There are even some who place a great deal of importance on the design and aesthetics of the radio. When I write a review, I do my best to walk in the shoes of all of these folks. It’s not an easy task.

When I’m not writing a review and am only concerned with what I value in a radio, it’s a balance of performance, flexibility and ergonomics I seek.

But as you say, there is no “perfect radio” out there that could satisfy everyone. I doubt there ever will be.  Each listener has their own set of preferences–the checklist that matters to them most.

I’ll admit that part of what drives me to do radio reviews is my curiosity and the hope that each upcoming model might be a step closer to the elusive “Holy Grail” radio; for me and for you. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt!

Thanks for sharing, Golan!

The XHDATA D-808 shortwave portable: A variation of the Digitech AR-1780?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ivan, who shares the following:

In December, sales of this radio will begin. The seller promises to put the price of 60 US dollars. Radio of a level not lower than Tecsun PL-660 for such a small price is great! There is a video review on YouTube. Unfortunately in Russian. There is no more information on this radio on the Internet. I myself found out by accident.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Thank you for the tip, Ivan! I’m guessing this is yet another portable based on the Silicon Labs SL4735.

The display looks like that of the Digitech AR-1780 and the keypad configuration is nearly identical–the only visible difference being the shape of the SSB button which is rectangular on the AR01780.

The Digitech AR-1780 keypad.

The XHDATA D-808 Keypad.

The power buttons are also in different locations.

AliExpress has the D-808 in their catalog, but the price is listed at $2,000 per unit (!!!) with no shipping to the US. Perhaps the pricing formula changes if you place an order within Russia?

UPDATE: Ivan adds, “I talked to the seller of Xhdata D-808 on Ali about the crazy price claimed now. The seller replied that the price will be quite different and much more humane than what is now.”

Again, thanks for the tip, Ivan!

Post readers: If you have the XHDATA D-808, I’d certainly welcome a review. Please feel free to contact me about submitting one.