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Paul Walker featured as a DXer and broadcaster on ABC Newcastle

Our friend and contributor here on the SWLing Post and the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive, Paul Walker, has been interviewed and featured on the ABC Newcastle program Drive with Paul Turton. It’s a great segment! (Congrats, Paul!)

I’ve embedded the audio from this segment below, but you can also listen via the ABC Newcastle website:

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KSKO’s “Virtual Dance Party Request Party Thingy” via WRMI

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who shares the following announcement:

Tune into WRMI for “The LIVE Friday Night Virtual Dance Party Request Party Thingy” from community station 89.5 KSKO McGrath, Alaska.

The broadcast will take place on Saturday, March 20th 2021 from 0300 to 0500 UTC on 7570 kHz for the west coast and 7780 kHz for the east coast. KSKO Program Director Paul Walker is going to be hosting the show and WILL take requests by phone at (907) 524-3001 DURING the show!

It’ll be all kinds of music from the 60s to today from all genres, so there’s probably going to be something for everyone. Paul says, “I’m funding the WRMI airtime costs from my own personal pocket, not the stations bank account. I’m doing it just because, for fun.. because I can.. because why not?”

Thanks, Paul! I’ll certainly tune in and perhaps even call in!

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KSKO Christmas Special via WRMI Dec 24, 2020 starting at 2300UTC

I’ve just heard from SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who now works at KSKO in McGrath, Alaska. He’s paid to broadcast KSKO 89.5’s special 2 hour all-Christmas music show on shortwave via WRMI’s 100,000 Watt 5950 kHz transmitter in Okechobee, Florida. The broadcast will take place from 2300 UTC on Thurs. Dec 24th to 0100UTC Fri. Dec. 25th (6-8PM EST). Paul mentioned that he’s doing this for fun and to share a little Christmas cheer from Alaska.

Thanks, Paul, and Merry Christmas!

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Paul Walker to speak about DXing in remote Alaska

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who writes:

I’ve been asked by a ham radio club to do a presentation on DXing in rural central Alaska. I spent about 16 months in Galena, back in 2016 and 2017 while working as the program director for a public/community radio station.

It was a very unique situation with some special considerations one might not have to deal with elsewhere. I spent a lot of time and money experimenting there and had some pretty amazing results.

I will also briefly discuss what it was like as a radio broadcaster in Alaska and the technical challenges we faced in the course of doing business every day.

The presentation will be done using the Zoom smartphone app and website. You don’t need to have or enable the camera on your phone or computer to participate and there will also be options to simply dial in and listen by phone as well for those who don’t want to use the computer or have a smart phone.

The presentation will be on Friday October 30th at 8pm eastern time. Pre registration is required but its very simple and easy. I’d love to have you there. Please spread the word to any ham clubs, dxing clubs, email lists, facebook groups or messages boards.

Register in advance for the meeting:

Longtime Post readers might recall Paul’s photos and recordings from Galena, Alaska–click here to read through the archives.

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WHRI ceases Voice of Vietnam relays

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who shares the following note from Gilles Letourneau, the CIDX, and International Radio Report:

WHRI has ceased relaying Voice of Vietnam to North America since its purchase by WBCQ. Please take the time to write them and let them know it would be important to keep shortwave alive and maybe suggest they could relay via WRMI, here is the contact page
Contact | THE VOICE OF VIETNAM (vovworld.vn)

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KJJR DX Test on Saturday (May 2, 2002)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who shares the following announcement:

KJJR 880 Whitefish, MT(Kalispell) will test for 1 hour at 10kw non directional Saturday May 2nd 12:01am to 1am mountain time. It will consist of morse code, sweep tones, along with various telephone sound effects

There will be no paper QSL’s issued for this test. Only emailed confirmation. Send an email to walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com with “KJJR 880 DX Test” in the email (You MUST put that in that subject line so I don’t accidentally delete it thinking it’s spam!). The reply will likely be a simple email reply with details of the station and confirming the details of what/when you heard it. You WILL get a reply from me in due course, please give me some time!

This is done on short notice and being kept simple as to not burden anyone involved. Thanks to Les Rayburn for creating the test material and Todd Clark for generously offering up the station. I’ve already seen communication between him and the station, asking them to block out an hour from the logs, so he can tinker around with things at the tower site.

Thanks for the heads-up, Paul! Here’s hoping a few MW DXers can log this test.

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