KSKO on Shortwave: Fridays from 21:00 – 22:00 UTC

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Paul Walker, who has notified us that KSKO (his FM station in McGrath, Alaska) will be on shortwave every Friday from 21:00 to 22:00 UTC via Spaceline Bulgaria on 5,900 kHz.

As of last week, this will be a weekly broadcast spot for KSKO.

Thanks for the tip, Paul!

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5 thoughts on “KSKO on Shortwave: Fridays from 21:00 – 22:00 UTC

  1. Luke

    Will this be a easy signal to pickup on the US west coast? I don’t have an external antenna as I live in a condo. But my Panasonic RF-9000 is right by a giant West facing window and away from any real interference. Thanks!

  2. Tim

    Has anyone sent reception reports to KSKO? I s
    emailed a detailed 30-minute report to the station a few weeks back. I received a terse reply that stated ” I do not have time to send out eQSLs. I am a dxer too but only 1 1/2 people are working here.” He went on to state that he did not even know why KSKO was broadcasting on shortwave. Sounded like the station or at least the DJ was not really interested in garnering more listeners.
    He spent a LOT of time talking about how cold it was it various spots too. Like 10 minutes out of 30 minutes. On the plus side the tunes were good and enjoyable.

    1. Paul Walker

      I never said that I didnt know why KSKO was on Shortwave, you’re putting words in my mouth. I said “Someone else paid for the airtime” (implying, it wasnt me or company money.

      If not sending out a QSL is going to lose me a listener, than I’m not sure I want that listener.. that shows me theyre only after the paper, not the content.

      We are a local FM station and while SW is nice and may bring us a few extra listeners, it is not of primary concern or even close to it.

      FYI, also didnt spend 10 minutes talking about weather, it was 4… and one of the primary reasons our station exiists is for localk information, and weather is extremely important to ourt listeners in rural alaska

      If you have a legitimate complaint, thats one thing, but please don’t lie or stretch the truth.


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