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Great article on Passport’s site

Passport To World Band Radio has published a free article on their site called the, “100th Anniversary of Radio’s Great Danes.” It’s a fascinating short read about Einar Dessau, Johan Nyrop and Peter L. Jensen –the first gentlemen to successfully transmit and receive voice and music via shortwave in March 19, 1909. We’re about to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of this event. The Passport Article has some great photos including one of the very first QSL cards.

Sorry–no longer available.

Passport is a real gem in the SWLing world.

If you haven’t picked up your new copy of Passport To Word Band Radio 2009, you can do so by clicking the image to the right, or visiting their site. Their annual book contains not only a full schedule of shortwave broadcasts in a “TV Guide” style, easy to read format, but they also include fascinating stories about shortwave broadcasters and shortwave history.

Update: All links have been removed above because, unfortunately, Passport to World Band Radio is no more. But hey! We’re here! Check out our latest posts and archives.

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